Cindy Jacobs: The Lord Says, ‘It’s Time for a Renewal of the Holy Spirit’

We all need renewal in the Holy Spirit, but this is not something mystical or just a thing for the men and women of God. It’s so simple, but we forget.


Cindy Jacobs writes:


If you want to win your battle, you must pick up your armor. (Pixabay)

Inside us is the Holy Spirit, and if we will let Him rise up, He can break any yoke, anything that’s coming against us.

We just have to learn to rise up in our spirit, and how do we do that? Well, we do it through quoting the Word, just quoting the Scripture. The Word of God is so powerful. I broke my foot and was really feeling bad, and the Lord just spoke to me, “Get up in the night and start quoting the Scripture on healing.” I know to do that, but I needed to do it more. I have begun seeing a real turnaround since I’ve done that.

Somehow, we forget to fight. In the middle of everything that’s going on, we get under it, but we forget to fight. We forget that if we resist the devil, he will flee from us. That we have the authority to overcome anything, but we have to take the authority. We have to take it, we have to rise up and use the weapons that are not carnal, but mighty.

I just feel like God wants to remind us this day, and the Lord says to you, “Look around you and see the things that you used to do, the things you used to know to do, but you do not do anymore. Look around you and recall the way you used to quote the Scripture, the way perhaps you used to worship.”

The Lord says, “It’s time for a renewal of the Holy Spirit. It’s time for you to come into a renewing where you take the things you know to do and pick up the weapons that have been given to you by the Holy Spirit.”

As I prophesied into this, the reason I started prophesying is this: I saw a table, we’re sitting at this big conference table in our office, but I saw all kinds of tools, weapons of warfare on the table, but we weren’t using them. We were crying out because we were being so attacked, and we were so upset that we were being so attacked, but we had weapons right there on the table.

Pick up your weapons, pick up your weapons and do what you know to do. If you will do this, I guarantee you will win.

Cindy Jacobs is an author, speaker and teacher with a heart for discipling nations in the areas of prayer and prophetic gifts. She and Mike—her husband of 43 years—co-founded Generals International in 1985.

Chad Ashby: Hospitality Is War

From Desiring God, Chad Ashby writes:

Hospitality Is War

Article by

Pastor, Newberry, South Carolina

God has a habit of waging war with strange weapons. He fought Egypt with frogs, gnats, and boils. He defeated the Midianite army with Gideon’s clay pots and torches. Strangest of all, he defeated sin and death using a tree. So, it should be no surprise to us that Jesus calls us to take up forks and spoons to fight back Satan and his legions.

Brothers and sisters, hospitality is war.

The word hospitality seems harmless enough. Maybe it conjures images of Ina Garten serenely chopping herbs plucked from her lush palisade and soft-lit montages of company having lighthearted conversation while enjoying tomato crostini. Maybe you just picture an old fashioned potluck. Either way, does hospitality really have eternal value? Can sharing the table with others really advance the kingdom of Christ?

Gathering at the King’s Table

“It has been Christ’s plan since the beginning of the church to advance his kingdom through dinner tables.”

It is the prerogative of conquering kings to invite guests to their table. In kindness, David invited Mephibosheth, grandson of King Saul, to join his royal banquet (2 Samuel 9:10). In the book of Daniel, King Nebuchadnezzar extended hospitality to Daniel and his friends after his conquest of Judea (Daniel 1:5). An invitation to the king’s table is an extension of sovereign grace and mercy.

As Christians, hospitality also flows from our King. Jesus started his ministry in Mark’s Gospel going about “proclaiming. . . ‘the kingdom of God is at hand’” (Mark 1:14–15). In the very next chapter, Jesus gives a foretaste of his triumphant victory, sharing the table with the most unlikely of guests. The scribes marvel at his dinner company: “Why does he eat with tax collectors and sinners?” (Mark 2:16).

Our King has invited us to dine at his table as royal sons and daughters. Consider this reality: “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies” (Psalm 23:5). Nothing snubs an enemy and declares, “We are untouchable!” like sitting down to dinner in the middle of a war.

It’s no accident that we accept the hospitality of our Savior every time we approach the Communion Table. Jesus has invited us to share in his eternal victory through his death and resurrection at a table. It signals to the powers of darkness that our victory is certain; their defeat is imminent.

Gathering Together at One Table

In the Old Testament, Jews and Gentiles were reminded of a glaring separation every time they sat down for dinner. Jews did not eat what Gentiles ate, did not sit at Gentile dinner tables, and weren’t even supposed to enter Gentile homes (Acts 10:28). This rift separated all of mankind into two irreconcilable categories, and the whole world was reminded of it at 5:30pm every evening.

However, as the apostles spread the message of Jesus’s death and resurrection far and wide, the unthinkable became reality. Jesus brought an end to the food fight. The King invited both Jews and Gentiles to his table.

“Are you sitting down to eat with people you should never get along with?”

It began with a series of troubling dreams where the Lord commanded Peter to eat Gentile food. Peter was puzzled by the Lord’s chiding: “What God has made clean, do not call common” (Acts 10:15). However, when he entered a Gentile home for the first time and watched as a Roman centurion named Cornelius and his whole household became believers, Peter realized that the blood of Jesus washes all men clean.

When Jesus wanted to show Peter the full implications of the “good news of peace through Jesus Christ” (Acts 10:36), he brought Peter to a dinner table. In the home of Cornelius, Peter learned that one Lord, one faith, and one baptism meant that men who formerly hated one another could now peacefully share a dinner table.

Never before had a Galilean fisherman been a houseguest of a Roman centurion. The dividing wall of hostility had been torn down in Christ (Ephesians 2:14–16). Peter and Cornelius celebrated their King’s victory before the whole world by sharing the hospitality that was theirs through the same gospel (Acts 10:48).

Hospitality Is Worth the Fight

It has been Christ’s plan since the beginning of the church to advance his kingdom through dinner tables. The first believers in Acts are found “day by day, attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes, [receiving] their food with glad and generous hearts” (Acts 2:46). For millennia, the dinner table was a visible reminder of the division between men. It is at the dinner table that the peace of Christ must now visibly reign.

So, how are you celebrating the victory of our crucified and risen King day by day? Are your meals bizarre to the world? Are you sitting down to eat with people you should never get along with? Are you dining with people from other races, nations, and social classes — eating food you would never have tried if not for the unity of Christ’s body? How does your mealtime shine forth the peace that Christ has brought to a hostile world?

“God has made forks and spoons, pans, pots, and plates weapons of war against the darkness.”

Showing hospitality is a fight. Satan will convince you, six ways to Sunday, that you don’t have time to share your table with others. Whether scheduling issues, sports practices, fatigue, or money constraints — there will always be a reason not to invite others over for dinner.

But hospitality is worth the fight. When you survey your kitchen at the night’s close, and it is filled with dirty silverware, piles of plates, and a sink overflowing with greasy pans and pots, may you realize these are the well-used weapons of our war against the darkness. Make your ladles, casserole dishes, and cookie sheets become your trusty side arms in our fight to expand his kingdom.

Melania Trump and The Lord’s Prayer

From Charisma News:

Why Melania Trump Leading the Public in the Lord’s Prayer at a Rally in Florida Was a Historic Event

U.S. first lady Melania Trump steps from the stage after speaking at U.S. President Donald Trump's 'Make America Great Again' rally at Orlando Melbourne International Airport
U.S. first lady Melania Trump steps from the stage after speaking at U.S. President Donald Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ rally at Orlando Melbourne International Airport. (REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)

We just witnessed Melania Trump’s finest moment as first lady so far.

After a week in which her husband declared war on the mainstream media, Melania absolutely electrified a huge crowd at a rally in Melbourne, Florida by reciting the Lord’s Prayer. What Donald Trump had to share afterwards was remarkable as well, but that night will always be remembered for what Melania did.

After beginning with the phrase “let us pray,” Melania stunned the entire world by slowly but carefully leading the crowd in the Lord’s Prayer, and it is being reported that the assembled throng responded to her prayer with “thunderous applause.”

She did not pronounce all of the words perfectly, but that didn’t matter.

What matters is that her courage enabled her to create the most powerful moment that we have seen from a First Lady in decades. The following is from a transcript of her remarks:

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed is your name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespasses [sic] against us.

‘Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever and ever. Amen.

If you have not seen footage of this incredible moment yet, you can watch it right here.

One of the primary reasons this moment evoked so much emotion is because the Lord’s Prayer is undeniably a Christian prayer.

Over the decades, our politicians have become very adept at speaking of “god” in a very generic sense. Even when they pray, most of our politicians are careful to use universal language that could apply to almost any religion.

That is why what Melania Trump did was so radical. By reciting the Lord’s Prayer, she was clearly identifying herself as a Christian, and there was absolutely no question about whom she was addressing.



Read the full article here

My Story


Last night at the Christian Life and Witness Course, which we are running as preparation for Come Together next month, it was suggested that we write down the story of our faith journey. “You can blog it,”  the presenter, Rodney Trinidad said amongst other options.

Unexpectedly finding myself with a spare half hour, I thought that might be a good idea. I have talked about my conversion experience on many occasions, but it has been a long time since I wrote it down.

The story starts with my birth in 1958, in Wolverhampton, England, to a working class couple. My school years were at a Catholic school, and Mum used to take my brother and me to Mass most Sundays.

I guess that time of my childhood would be like that of most children in England at the time. My parents rented an ordinary Council house and made sure we had enough to eat and were dressed warmly.

In the late 1960’s the UK began a long process of transition from the unionised industrial era to a much more modern economy, and as companies were trying to become more competitive there were increasing strikes in all parts of the country. As a result Mum and Dad saw some brochures about how wonderful life in Australia was- backed up by letters from my Aunt who had moved to Sydney years before.

So it was that in February 1969, the Bates family became 10 pound poms and moved to Sydney.

As I grew through my teen years, I became a bit of an atheist. I loved to bait the christians in my year. But I was also very depressed.

In May 1976, during the first year of my degree in Chemical Engineering, I was staying at my friend’s place. His family had gone on holidays, and the plan was that after we had finished our end of term exams we would join them.

As I was lying in bed one night just before going to sleep, I had a vision as clear as if it were real life. In this vision I saw myself climbing a mountain. It was so steep that I was literally dragging myself up the side of the mountain. As I climbed I could see that there was an intense light shining from behind the mountain, but I couldn’t see the source. As I climbed the light got brighter.

Finally, I reached the top and saw that the source of the light was Jesus. As I saw Him I felt love, joy and peace such as I had never experienced before.

So what do you do with an experience like that? God literally dropped on a self-proclaimed atheist and said “Here I am.”

I said to the God who only minutes before I would have said I didn’t believe in, “I will go to church next Sunday and if it’s good I will follow you.”

The following Sunday, I didn’t go to church because I was away with my friend’s family. But the Sunday after, I went to the night service at Wesley Methodist Church Castle Hill. The service, although it was a traditional 4 hymn service, was so full of the presence of God.

Since that time, I have obviously grown in my knowledge of who God is. There have been times when  life has been very challenging. There have even been times when the old depression has threatened to come back and overwhelm me.

But God has given me such purpose in my life, and that initial feeling of love, joy and peace has always remained with me.

Walking with Jesus is just the best life there is.

Book Review: “The Day The Revolution Began” by N.T. Wright


One of the big problems with contemporary evangelical theology, according to N.T. Wright, is that we often have part of the answer but it leads to the wrong conclusions. For example, the theology of the cross comes down to “Jesus died so you could be forgiven and go to heaven.”. As Wright points out that is not what the New Testament teaches, or at least it is not all that the New Testament teaches.

So Wright goes back to Adam and Eve, right through the Old Testament and comes to the conclusion that the main sin that people have to face is idolatry. The people of God were constantly faced with the challenge of staying faithful to the one true God, Yahweh or worshipping the false gods of the nations around.

The problem with idolatry is that it undermines our calling or vocation as human beings. We were created in God’s image so how can we worship another image without damaging ourselves? For Israel, God’s covenant people, to worship other gods meant separation from God and the Land He had given them to live out their calling.

When Jesus comes on the scene, Israel has spent much of its existence either in exile or in subjection to other nations. The prophets knew that the solution they needed was national as well as individual salvation.

The cross then is not about a human sacrifice to appease an angry deity, which is what many christians think of. It is more like the one true representative of humanity (“the Son of Man” as Jesus frequently called Himself) dying for the world. He speaks of the sins of the nation, especially its idolatries, being heaped up and falling on Jesus.

A revolution of love, self-denying and sacrificial love, brings a new rule in the world- the Kingdom of God. This Kingdom, launched by Jesus’ death on the cross, sets us free to see and experience the true God and to follow in His ways.

The death of Jesus on the Cross at 6 pm on Good Friday is the start of the revolution. His resurrection before dawn on Sunday is the first sign that God’s kingdom of life, love and forgiveness is here.

Wright says that the gospel is bigger than “we get to go to heaven” (which is a pagan Platonist ideal). The true gospel message is that the Kingdom is here and God is overturning everything that is based on human idolatry, including relationships, politics, oppression and self-worship. Yes we get to live for ever in the new heavens and the new earth, but the Kingdom is more than that.

It’s hard to justice to a book of this size and scope in a few hundred words, but it is well worth reading. Wright covers deep topics in a way that many people find is easy to read. I think most people would want to read a few pages and mull it over for a few days.

I’ve always felt that the typical atonement theory whereby Jesus takes the punishment for our sins and as a result we go to heaven has a few gaps in it. This book goes a long way to filling the gaps.




Jodie Hughes: “God is releasing guardians of the Bride.”



There is a cry coming from the heart of the Father…. “Where are the guardians of My bride?”
Jesus has seen and He has heard, and He is releasing those marked by FIRECE LOVE AND HONOUR to turn the tide of this wave of dishonour seeking to divide & destroy His bride.

New love and honour is arising for the bride and a new breed of worship warriors who will guard the heart of the new wine skin is emerging. The church is being transformed but not to demise, but upgrade. She will birth unprecedented revival and receive and steward the end time harvest, but the bride herself is in need of guardians in this hour. Honour is being restored.

Intercessors are being called in now to pray for the bride that she may not just survive but thrive. There has been much onslaught of dishonour and attack, and Gods heart is for his bride and to heal her heart. Those marked by Honour for the King & His bride are arising.

God is calling in His intercessors to not just pray for the Harvest but pray for the Harvesters. Many of the harvesters hearts are tired and weary from the constant battle, not just from the enemy but from within its own borders. There is a call to cease the civil war within the borders of the church itself……. a new sound of honour is arising…. a new love of the church is being restored…. a new grace to serve is being released.

God is pouring out new wine that will bring hope & childlike joy. It will heal the disappointments and the hurts, the offence and the bitterness, but this must be actively received. Many desire an end time harvest… few will love the Harvester as much as the Harvest. The bride needs your prayers and honour in this hour. Her greatest days are upon her….. Jesus loves her and he is calling in those who will pray for her & love her & guard her.

She is not perfect and nor will she ever be. Her imperfections are what make her authentic. She will carry a new grace in this season for restoration as she is a reflection of every heart and every person who desires more and yet discovers an authentic hunger after more finds us each in need of grace. As honour arises, so will grace.

The bride is NOT the enemy, or where the shots should be directed. The enemy of our soul and the harvest is Satan, and always has been. The many misdirected shots are about to be highlighted and redirected to the source of the attack which will bring GREAT VICTORIES AND NEW STRENGTH. Intercessors, this is awakening hour! Arise!

HONOUR IS ARISING. GUARDIANS OF THE BRIDE ARE ARISING who BURN with love for Jesus & His people. This new move is precious and it must be guarded and life spoken over it. Dishonour will be seen for where it comes from, the heart of the enemy, and not the heart of the Father.

Pray for the harvest as it is Harvest Time. But pray for the harvesters too. Release words of life over the bride. The church is arising into her greatest hour. Speak life and honour over the bride as Jesus’ heart is to see her thrive and flourish. Jesus loves His bride and guardians who carry this love and honour as a weapon of breakthrough are arising as Jesus asks, “Where are the guardians of My bride”?

Arise and shine. We, the bride, are entering our greatest days. Let’s walk in greatness and honour that is befitting of our royalty.

Jodie Hughes
Pour It Out Ministries


Full article here

From The Babylon Bee

Presbyterian Man Asks Apple Genius To Remove ‘Praise Hands’ Emoji From His iPhone

GERMANTOWN, TN—Walking calmly into his scheduled Genius Bar appointment at exactly 10:00 a.m. Wednesday morning, local Presbyterian believer John Garner stoically greeted the Apple employee assigned to assist him before asking how he could remove the “Praise Hands Emojis” from his new iPhone, sources confirmed.

“There’s a problem with my phone,” Garner began. “See, there are these hands raised up in the air when I pull up the emojis on my keyboard, and I’d like to get them taken off—or if we could at least replace them with hands being placed in pockets where they belong, that’d work too.”

The confused Apple employee, unsure exactly what Garner was asking, launched into a demonstration of how to use the emojis, according to witnesses, but was interrupted by Garner.

“Whoa! Did I just see clapping hands on there? Those are going to need to be removed right away,” Garner said. “Please and thank you.”

“I’m not sure what it is you want, sir. These are installed by default on every iPhone we sell. It’s not a glitch, it’s a feature,” the bewildered Genius Bar worker reportedly replied.

“It’s pretty simple—I want you to remove all these emoji fellows showing various emotions. You can keep the expressionless guy, but the rest have to go,” Garner noted as the worker continued flipping through the pages of emojis on his iPhone.

At publishing time, Garner had run from the store in terror after seeing the wide array of diverse emojis from various cultures.