Reflection on 1 Corinthians 7:29-31




It won’t make any difference how much good you are getting from the world or how much you like it. This world is now passing away.


The Lord is coming soon so everything will change. Being married or single count for nothing. Our economic status and our position in the world are totally irrelevant in heaven.


We spend so much time and energy in worldly matters. Our education, job, marriage (or otherwise), family, money, possessions can all dominate our thinking. Christians are not exempt from this.

It is important that we carry out our responsibilities diligently, but none of the things that we get anxious about carry any importance in heaven.

Money cannot save you.

Politicians cannot save you.

A nice house and secure job cannot save you.

We worry about these fleeting things that are inconsequential and neglect the issues of eternity and salvation.

At the gates of heaven we will not be asked, “Did you live in a nice house?”. No it will be, “Do you know Jesus and were you faithful to Him?”

The Lord is preparing us to be citizens of His kingdom. If we incest our love and affections on the things of this world, we cannot be listening to His lessons about eternity.

It’s all about priorities really. Do I live as if this life is all there is? Or do I see a vision of eternity, a distant city on a hill bathed in light that calls me home?


Lord the cares of this life threaten daily to strangle my faith in you. Please help me to die to this life and to live for you. Amen.


Reflection on Jonah 3:1-10



When God saw that the people had stopped doing evil things, he had pity and did not destroy them as he had planned.

After Jonah’s sojourn in the fish, the Lord again tells him to go to Nineveh to warn the people of imminent judgement.

This time Jonah obeys the Lord and goes to Nineveh. In the heart of the city, Jonah warns the people “Forty days from now Nineveh will be destroyed.”

The people believe the message and repent of their sins with fasting and by wearing sackcloth. The king hears what is happening and decrees that everyone, even the animals, must fast and pray.

The Lord sees that the people of Nineveh have repented so He does not destroy the city.

A whole city repents, from the lowest of slaves right up to the king. This is a supernatural act by the Lord.

A whole city turns from its evil ways and seeks the Lord. As a result, judgement is averted.

What does it take for a city or a nation to turn to God? In this case it was a reluctant prophet sent to the city with a message of judgement. One man obeying God changed a city.

We never know how God will use our obedience. We so thing because we believe God is telling us to do them with no sense of anything great. Often we lay foundation which God uses to build something on.

The important message of Jonah is this: We must obey God even when we don’t want to, or it is inconvenient or difficult. When we do that, God can amplify our feeble efforts and transform a nation.

Help me Lord to be faithful to you each day. Even when serving you is hard or unpleasant, please help me to follow your way. Amen.

Reflection on 1 Samuel 3:1-20




In those days the Lord hardly ever spoke to people, and he didn’t appear to them in dreams very often.


Samuel is serving in the house of the Lord. One night, as Samuel is sleeping on a mat near the Ark of the Covenant, the Lord calls his name. Samuel thinks it is Eli calling him, so he goes to ask Eli what he wants. This happens three times. Finally Eli works out that it is the Lord, so he tells Samuel that next time this happens he should say, “I am listening Lord, what do you want me to do?”

So the Lord calls Samuel again, and he asks Him What so you want me to do?” The Lord says that He is going to punish Eli and his family for disrespecting the sacrifices.

As Samuel grows up his reputation as a prophet increases across Israel.


In the days before Samuel, the Lord rarely spoke to His people. This should have been a cause for some discomfort for the people of Israel, but we tend to accept things too readily.

The Lord is always speaking to us. His heart is to have relationship with us. If we are not able to hear from Him, the problem is on our side.

For some people the problem is simply lack of practice at listening. For others it might be fear or shame that makes them think that God does not have anything to say.

To start the process we might have to go back to basics. Like Samuel, we should ask, “Lord what do you want me to do?” It helps to write down what you think God is saying to you.

Be still and know that I am God!”

Be still- and let God speak to you.

Be still- and listen to the Holy Spirit

Be still.


Lord, what do you want me to do? Help me to learn to hear your voice, the still small voice of your Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Slippery Slope To Morality

Now, the Left finds itself sliding down a slippery slope of its own making, unable to reach out and grab a branch or tree trunk to slow its out of control descent.

But the left’s slippery slope is different from the one conservatives have sought to avoid. The Left finds itself slipping uphill toward morality, and they are panicked by it.


BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., January 8, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – The upcoming Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) annual “Oscars” award night is shaping up to be more conundrum than celebration. Liberal elites who have always scoffed at conservatives’ warnings of slippery slopes when it comes to moral issues, now faced with their own moral dilemma, are suddenly true believers.

And they are scared.

When the Academy’s board of governors — including luminaries such as Tom Hanks, Whoopi Goldberg, and Steven Spielberg — held an emergency meeting in October to deal with multiple sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein, they had no choice but to oust the legendary producer from their ranks.

After all, with the flood of Weinstein allegations the Academy quickly found itself drowning in bad press. A petition with more than 100,000 signatures demanding Weinstein be expelled no doubt helped to cinch the decision.

They thought they had disposed of the issue quickly, freeing themselves from future controversy and unwanted attention. They were wrong. Dead wrong.

After the Weinstein story broke, one story after another of sexual impropriety by some of the biggest names in Hollywood erupted. It seems like it will never end.

Now the Academy doesn’t know what to do.

According to a report in, one male Academy member said, “Harvey opened the floodgates. Now the Academy’s drowning in a tide of s—t. They don’t know what hit them.”

Kevin Spacey was accused of assaulting young men. Dustin Hoffman, brothers Ben and Casey Affleck, and former Saturday Night Live cast member Al Franken were accused of assaults against women. Screenwriter James Toback and director Brett Ratner were also accused of inappropriate sexual behavior.

Sliding Toward Morality

“Kathleen Kennedy [producer of the ‘Star Wars’ series] and some other female governors panicked and felt compelled to act,” according to a prominent female AMPAS member in the report. “They thought [Weinstein] could hurt AMPAS’ cred. Some of them did admit this was a slippery slope. But I don’t think they imagined how slippery.”

By admitting that the immoral sexual behavior of one man — Harvey Weinstein — was a bad, if not criminal thing, and that it was something that AMPAS and its members could neither ignore or sweep under the carpet, the liberals who control the entertainment industry are in a quandary: Where do they stop? When can their consciences be safely ignored again?

The slippery slopes that conservatives have dealt with over the years have been issues triggered by the sexual revolution.

A Different Kind of Slippery Slope

For decades, conservatives have been assured that abortion would be “safe, legal and rare,” and that no slippery slope existed. Fifty million-plus in utero infant murders later, the slippery slope was clearly there.

Conservatives were also assured that gays and lesbians only wanted to be left alone to live their lives in peace, and that same-sex marriage wouldn’t impact anyone outside those “marriages.” Yet now those who can’t in good conscience bake cakes, arrange flowers or photograph gay “weddings” are harshly punished, faced with exorbitant fines and the dissolution of their businesses. Though conservatives were laughed at — told that their homophobia was running wild, imagining there was a slippery slope — the slope was there.

And religious organizations which once enjoyed the fruits of religious liberty, such as the Little Sisters of the Poor, found that the slippery slope resulted in them being bullied and discriminated against for choosing to uphold their religious beliefs.

Now, the Left finds itself sliding down a slippery slope of its own making, unable to reach out and grab a branch or tree trunk to slow its out of control descent.

But the left’s slippery slope is different from the one conservatives have sought to avoid. The Left finds itself slipping uphill toward morality, and they are panicked by it. Suddenly, they are unable to continue to protect or legitimize the sexual revolution – a revolution for which they have gladly marched out front carrying their banners.

How can they possibly continue to defend the sexual revolution while condemning the behaviors the revolution fosters? It’s a no-win situation.

They have brought this upon themselves via the monsters they created and whose enormous appetites they fed.

Reason tells them they must keep moving forward down their treacherous, icy Matterhorn, glancing off sharp-edged, craggy rocks of truth and buffeted about by unwanted self-realization.

At the end of their slippery slope, however, lies not the death of countless innocents and the destruction of marriages, families and freedom, but salvation and reformed lives.

In fact, it’s almost as if they are afraid of sliding uphill, not down.

No wonder they are scared to death.

I Like Turtles



A great journalistic triumph on the ABC this morning was the report on the all female hatching of green sea turtles at the northern end of the Barrier Reef. The study was funded by US weather agency NOAA , the Australian Government and WWF (the World Wildlife Fund), a notorious pusher for climate change propaganda. The research was carried out by scientists (I would use that word cautiously) from James Cook University, another institution devoted to the climate religion.

Anyway, using DNA samples from turtles in the wild they were able to trace where they hatched from and deduced that all turtles from the northern end of the reef born last year were female. We know that the warmer the environment the more likely the hatchlings are to be female.

The journalist asked a very wise question, “How much have temperatures here increased?”

There was a pause while the scientist was obviously thinking “Crap! We haven’t thought this through.” Eventually she said “We know that the average global temperatures have increased by 0.8 degrees since the 1880’s and we need to do more to fight climate change.”

We don’t know how the temperatures have changed at the place where the turtles are hatching, but they are obviously under threat because temperatures in other paces have increased a little since the Little Ice Age.

Being the modern journalist at the ABC, there was no pressing of the point.

Also I was intrigued by other questions that were not asked like:

  • How are the turtles at the other breeding sites doing? Are they producing males who then mix in with the wider population?
  • What role does habitat destruction play in the health or otherwise of the turtle population?
  • Since they were only measuring older turtles and working backwards, is it possible that there were in fact many males produced but something other than slightly higher temperatures was killing them?
  • Is it possible that the last two years of warmer than average temperatures were caused by something other than “climate change”?
  • If we stopped all CO2 production tomorrow would the turtles notice the supposed change in temperature?
  • How did the sea turtles survive the Medieval and Roman Warm Periods, not to mention other geological periods when temperatures were much higher?

Here is the problem for environmentalists. If you think that climate change explains everything that is bad in nature, then if there are other causes for bad outcomes focusing on “fixing” the climate will kill the very things you are trying to save.

What a pity we can’t get proper journalists and scientists to ask the necessary questions.

Avalanche Delayed


Today is The Day that the whole world has been awaiting for literally millennia.

The first day that same sex, no sex or any other two people can marry in Australia (apart from the ones that already did- see note below) was expected by the ABC and the other leftist media to launch a flood of excitement.

AM covered the Great Day with its usual class and lack of irony awareness. They interviewed two same sex couples, one of whom was “married” in a ceremony in Perth a couple of minutes after midnight. So nobody in Sydney, Melbourne or Canberra could be bothered making a point apparently.

The major part of the broadcast was given over to a male couple who think it’s all a jolly good thing and they are getting “married” in February- a whole month after the flood gates have been opened. And apparently Partner 1 was much keener than Partner 2 and had to get him drunk to get him to agree, which could potentially be a breach of the Marriage Act.

So the big news item on the first day of gay marriage is, well, not much is happening. So not the groundswell of demand that the activists predicted. No doubt by the time we get to the evening TV news the ABC will have found a few more and there will be the items on Saturday night as the first weekend of the brave new world unfolds. By then maybe one fifth of a thifteenth of a percent of all the people screaming for this thing will have got “married.”

Can’t wait for January 9th 2019 when the divorces start to filter through.

BTW we already had a gay “wedding” before Christmas when a couple who had already planned a celebration and had people coming from overseas gained permission to shorten the usual one-month notice period. And we have already had our first gay “divorce” when a pair “married” under British law and living in Australia were able to get “divorced” immediately after Australian law recognised their “marriage” and hence could legally “divorce” them.