Free writing- Spring


Free writing is just writing what is in your head for 10 minutes (or any other time length) with minimal editing.  The aim is to free the creativity and exercise the brain.

One of the unusual things about Narrabri is our system of seasons.

Spring often feels a lot like summer, especially in a dry year like this one. But then natural variability is so wide that winters can persist until November when summer strikes back with a  vengeance.

About 5 years ago we were hitting temperatures well into the thirties in mid-September. The westerly winds blew from parched drought-dried land in South Australia bringing dust and heat such as I’ve never seen before.

Often spring can be really benevolent with warm days and enough rain to make everything grow in a sea of luxuriant green. the farmers like it to dry out before harvest, though, as warm weather causes the wheat to improve its protein content.

The meteorologists are predicting some rain on the weekend which will be really refreshing after weeks of dryness.