Jennifer LeClaire: Judgment or Awakening? My Response to America’s Great Fall

Judgment or Awakening? My Response to America’s Great Fall

Gay American flag
The Supreme Court voted to overturn a ban on gay marriage, causing a massive ripple effect. (Reuters)
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Watchman on the Wall, by Jennifer LeClaire

When I learned the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriage I went into what you might call spiritual shock. I almost felt like someone had died. Someone didn’t, but something did. True liberty and justice for all. I am grieving right now over the false freedom that was birthed out of a false equality movement. I am mourning because true freedom and true equality have been replaced by a counterfeit crusade that truly sets no one free. I am weeping because America has fallen and many in the church are being caught up in the Great Falling Away.
A line in the sand was long ago drawn. Our tyrannical government crossed that line on June 26, 2015. When five Supreme Court justices trampled state rights they knew all too well Christian rights would be trampled along with them. Call it a betrayal of our Constitution. Call it an anti-Christ agenda. Call it an assault on religious freedom. It’s all that and more.
See, crossing this line in the name of equality was a spiritual assault on every believer who calls on the name of Jesus. This isn’t about allowing gays to get married. No, not really. While I stand against gay marriage, it’s not the letter of the law that concerns me most. It the spirit behind the law that truly grieves me. This ruling will open the floodgates to a tsunami of perversion in the land. Pedophiles now want the same rights as same-sex couples. But that’s the topic of another column.
Of course, we wrestle not against flesh and blood (see Eph. 6:12). Our nemesis here is essentially the spirit of the world (see 1 Cor. 2:12). The church opened the door to the spirit of the world long ago, as is evidenced by the adultery, child molestation, financial improprieties and other scandals running rampant in the body of Christ. Unfortunately, we’ve discovered it’s not so easy to shut the door. High-profile pastors and entire denominations are capitulating to the popular opinion on gay marriage. As Charisma Media founder Steve Strang so aptly wrote, it’s time to stand up and be counted.
I would say that persecution is coming except that it’s already here. Bakeries, bed and breakfasts, pizza shops and farmers are being sued for refusing to accommodate gay weddings. Public officials are being fired for standing for the truth and military chaplains are being told they cannot pray in the name of Jesus. As the saying goes, you ain’t seen nothing yet.
So what is my response to America’s great fall? Will we see a great judgment as so many are saying in this hour?
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Leap Second: Necessity or Disaster?

From the ABC:

Leap second: Is one second difference in time too much?


Question: When is a minute not a minute?

Answer: At 2359 Greenwich Mean Time today (9:59am AEST Wednesday), when the world will experience a minute that will last 61 seconds.

The reason for the weird event is something called the leap second.

That’s when timekeepers adjust high-precision clocks so that they are in sync with Earth’s rotation, which is affected by the gravitational tug of the Sun and the Moon.

Few of the planet’s 7.25 billion people are likely to be aware of the change and even fewer will have set plans for how they will spend the extra moment.

But for horologists, or timekeepers, the additional second is a big deal and there is a wrangle as to whether it is vital or should be scrapped.

Service of the Rotation of the Earth (SRE) director Daniel Gambis admits “there is a downside”, the poetically named branch of the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (IERS), is in charge of saying when the second should be added.

The leap second is not something that needs to be added to that old clock on your mantlepiece, but instead its importance is for super-duper timepieces, especially those using the frequency of atoms as their tick-tock mechanism.

At the top of the atomic-clock range are “optical lattices” using strontium atoms, the latest example of which, unveiled in April, is accurate to 15 billion years – longer than the Universe has existed.

Outside the lab, caesium and rubidium clocks are the workhorses of Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites, which have to send synchronised signals so that sat-nav receivers can triangulate their position on Earth.

On Earth, big-data computers may be less manic than atomic clocks but still need highly precise internal timers.

The internet, for instance, sends data around the world in tiny packets that are then stitched together in micro-seconds.

Some algorithms in financial trading count on gaining a tiny slice of a second over rivals to make a profit.

There have been 25 occasions since 1971 when the leap second was added in an effort to simplify Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), the official moniker for GMT.

But over the last 15 years, a debate has intensified about whether the change should be made, given the hassle.

Roland Lehoucq of France’s Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) said critics argue it has become difficult to manage given the amount of equipment today that has internal clocks.

“The problem is synchronisation between computers. They do sort things out, but sometimes it can take several days,” he said.

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Reflection on 2 Samuel 5:1-10


David became more and more powerful because the Lord God of Heaven’s Armies was with him.


The tribes of Israel come to David and anoint him as their king. He had already been king of Judah for seven and a half years and he would reign over the united kingdom for another 33 years.

David then goes to Jerusalem and captures it from the Jebusites. David makes the fortress his home and calls it the City of David.

David becomes more powerful because of the blessing of God.


The blessing of God brings a particular favour to move forward in our work, relationships, finances, indeed every part of our life.

In many ways there was nothing our of the ordinary about David. His success was entirely due to God’s favour.

How do we experience God’s favour? For David, the key was an intimate relationship with the Lord. He was known as a worshipper who was passionate in his love for the Lord.

When we worship God with our whole heart and devote ourselves to a passionate, intimate relationship with Him, obeying Him in all things, then we know God’s favour.


Lord help me to set you at the centre of all things so that I can walk in your favour. Amen.

Reflection on Mark 5:21-43

And he said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace. Your suffering is over.”

Jairus, a leader of a local synagogue, comes to Jesus and asks Him to come and heal his dying daughter.

As Jesus goes with Jairus, the crowd pushes in around Him. A woman in the crowd who had suffered bleeding for over 12 years, comes and touches the hem of His robe. She thought to herself that just to touch the hem of His garment would be enough to heal her. The bleeding stops and she knows that she is healed.

Jesus turns around and asks who touched Him. Trembling in fear, the woman tells Him what she has done. He says, “Your faith has healed you.”

Meanwhile Jairus’ daughter has died. Jesus goes anyway, taking Peter, James and John with the child’s parents. He commands her to get up. Immediately she stands up and walks around.

Faith in Jesus changes everything. For the nameless woman it brought healing, relief from physical weakness and an end to social and religious exclusion. For Jairus, faith restored his daughter, binging life from death.

Faith is reaching out to Jesus, knowing that if we can just touch the hem of His garment, things will change- salvation, healing, restoration, resurrection.

It’s in the darkest times when God seems distant that we need to reach out more urgently, trusting Him to bring His light.

Help me Lord to trust you, to reach out to you and touch you. Bring light into my darkness. I trust you to do this. Amen.

Stacy Lynn Harp: The American (Australian) Church is a Whorehouse

Some very confronting words here for the American church and the Australian church also. Just change the nationality as you read.

Stacy Lynn Harp writes:

The American Church is a Whorehouse: Tullian Tchividjian Shows Us ThatScreen Shot 2015-06-23 at 12.11.22 PM   

I have many things on my heart as I have thought about writing what I’m about to share, so before I go any further, I’d like to ask that you don’t shoot the messenger and instead consider what I am sharing, then weigh in with your thoughts.


Yesterday the very sad, but not really all that surprising, news broke about the grandson of Billy Graham.  In case you’re not awareTullian Tchividjian admitted to adultery, after he was confronted by some in his church, and he resigned as the pastor of the church.  Note that he didn’t actually do the honorable thing and just resign when he knew he was doing these things, he had to be confronted by those in his church.  I actually think it’s a little miracle the leadership even did that.    The public statement that he released also revealed that his wife had also committed adultery.

I have to say that I remember when Tchividjian first came on the scene as the new pastor of the church because I found it sad that the grandson of Billy Graham was given the pastorate instead of someone who was apart of Coral Ridge at the time.  I remember thinking, “Here we go again, another Christian celebrity with the Graham name.”  I heard him being interviewed all over Christian media and I never understood why.  Why was he so great?  Because he’s related to the famed evangelist?  So what, big deal.

In case anyone hasn’t noticed, the Graham family doesn’t have the most stellar record of righteousness.  There’s been divorce among the children, adultery and even departure from the faith.  Even Anne Graham Lotz has written about her time away from the church because of her husband and her being thrown out of the church.

So, seeing another famous relative of the famed evangelist fall from “grace” as they all say, isn’t all that surprising and in fact, it’s to be expected.

I’m someone who didn’t have a Christian heritage growing up and I used to feel envious of those who were “blessed” to be raised in the church.  I no longer feel envious because most of what we see in this culture of Christian celebrity is nothing but hypocrisy.

The church in America has prostituted herself out for fame, money and personality.  To be even more blunt, the church in America is a whorehouse.  Now maybe that offends a few people and maybe you don’t agree with me, but that’s what I see.  There isn’t a day when there isn’t some news about a pastor “falling from grace” or someone involved in ministry of some type that isn’t caught busted in some “moral failure”.  Those “moral failures” are often sexual in nature, but not always, sometimes it involves money.  Other times it involves abuse of power and personality.

If we want actual revival in America, then it’s time to buck tradition and shut down the whorehouse.

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