A Cautionary Tale?

From Greg Chapman at Quadrant Online

The Emperor was rightly proud of his achievements. His legions had conquered his neighbours and tributes were being collected to pay for his armies, his court, his administrators. There was even enough left over for the entertainment of the masses. Bread and circuses. In spite of all his victories, there was still disquiet in the land from ungrateful plebeians.

With three seasons of drought, the harvests had been poor and it had been difficult to collect taxes to pay for the upkeep of his empire, no matter how hard he squeezed the peasants. Even the patricians in their gilded villas had become agitated about the sustainability of their protected positions, and they recommended he consult the oracles to see what the future held. Thus the Emperor summoned the High Priest to his palace.

Dressed in magnificent robes with borders embroidered in gold thread and wearing a mitre that made him tower over everyone else in the court, the High Priest entered with due ceremony.  He acknowledged no one but the Emperor, to whom he made a slight bow when he reached the podium upon which sat his throne. The Emperor gestured to the High Priest to approach him. “Ave, High Priest. I have a question for you: why are the gods punishing us with these droughts? Everyone in my Imperium suffers. Why at the feast last week, even I as Emperor was unable to acquire sufficient pheasant to satisfy my guests and the wine this season has been inferior to any other in living memory. This cannot continue.”

The High Priest considered his Emperor’s challenge. “I’m most sorry that you have suffered so, but it’s difficult for us mortals to comprehend the ways of the gods Your Highness. However, I and my fellow priests have a way to predict them with some certainty. Would Your Highness be interested in knowing how?”

“Of course” said the Emperor. “To see the future is to control it. How would I do that?”

“Well,” the high priest continued, “Your Highness would be aware that the priesthood has for many decades been sacrificing chickens and examining their entrails. What Your Highness may be unaware of is that after each sacrifice, we record an analysis of the entrails.”

“I did not know that,” the Emperor nodded. “You may continue.”

“As Your Highness would also know, we have a record of all harvests over the same period from your tax collectors, so it should be straight forward to compare the two so we can use these sacrifices to forecast future harvests.”

The Emperor appeared rather dubious about this proposition and motioned to his head counsellor. “What do you think of this?” he demanded.

The counsellor, well known for his forthrightness, which the Emperor valued when he agreed with his own opinion, not so much when he didn’t, stroked his prominent chin and after some consideration addressed both the Emperor and the High Priest firmly. “I can’t believe that there is any connection between the size of the harvest and the condition of the entrails from slaughtered chickens. This is just superstitious nonsense and a waste of the Emperor’s wealth.”

The High Priest glared at the counsellor. “How dare you question the authority of the High Priest and the consensus of the IPCC.”

“What’s the IPCC?” interjected the Emperor.

“Why Your Highness, the Infallible Priesthood Chicken-entrail Convocation. The highest authority on these matters in the Empire.” Turning to the counsellor the High Priest demanded, “By what authority do you challenge this sacred knowledge. Have you ever been a part of the priesthood?”

Suitably admonished, the counsellor withdrew. “Very well,” said the Emperor, regaining control of the audience. “What do you need?”

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Who does Fireman Paul Really Love?

Fireman Paul Parker was adored by the media left for telling the Prime Minister to F*** off. Then he claimed to have been “sacked” from the RFS for doing this in uniform. (He should have been, but wasn’t)

It turns out that the politician that he really admires is not anybody remotely interested in controlling the climate.

Jo Nova: Hottest ever day in Australia — especially if you ignore history

From Joanne Nova:

Tuesday was Australia’s hottest day on record sayth the Bureau of Meteorology.

And perhaps it was. But look at the temperatures reported in newspapers across the country during the month of January in 1896 when people were going mad with axes, dropping dead in coaches and railway stations and birds were falling lifeless from the trees? Emergency trains were ferrying people from the country to the mountains. Panic stricken people fled the outback on special trains and the death toll was  hundreds die.

Fifty years later scientists would publish papers talking about how Australian summers had cooled since then.

How does the BOM know for sure that it was not hotter on any one of these days?  Perhaps they don’t. Wouldn’t it be more honest of the BOM to mention that? It’s not like billions of dollars depends upon it…

Seems the only time the ABC or BOM suddenly discover our historic weather records is when we get unseasonal snow or freezing cold.

The heatwave started in the West on Jan 1st and travelled eastwards, as most heatwaves do. The hottest day was possibly Jan 23 or 24 in 1896 which is when most of the Eastern States maximum temperatures shown above were recorded. And there are hints that this was both widespread and long — some of these towns recorded three long weeks of ultra high temperatures close to and over 110F (43.3C) like Nannine in WA (near Meekatharra) and Cunnamulla in Qld. Both reported peaks as high as 120F (48.8C). In Bourke temperatures were above 102F (38.9C) for 24 days in a row.

The BOM will say things were not entirely standardized or approved back then. But why would they care? Many of the BOM’s current sites fail their own standards:  thermometers may sit for 30 years over bitumen, or right next to incinerators. They plough around sites, move them, build walls next to them and forget, even next to their own offices. The BOM accept one-second records from new electronic gizmo’s in small screens, and adjust old temperatures down by as much as two whole degrees. Sometimes modern BOM sites need mysterious calendar monthly corrections, or get corrected by thermometers across the Bass Strait, and sometimes they are incredibly detailed but repeat robotically year after year. Remember those temperature maps of our deserts in WWI? There are sites where there are no thermometers which record exactly the same temperatures as they did the year before (and the year after). Just “made up”? The hottest day ever recorded was probably calculated with maps like that.

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Coldest Summer Day Ever

From Michael Smith and weatherzone.com. I noticed the ABC were all over this one (NOT).

Australia’s record lowest Summer daily-max temperature has just been broken, as reported by www.weatherzone.com.au.

A brutal Antarctica air-mass blasted southeastern Australia during the opening days of summer, pumping deep snow into parts of Tasmania, Victoria and NSW, as well as limiting temperatures to as much as 15C below the seasonal average.

On Tuesday, December 03, Thredbo Top Station‘s highest recording was a mere -1.0C (30.2F) — this was Australia’s lowest summer daily maximum temperature of all time, busting the -0.8C (30.6F) measured at Mount Buller on Dec 25, 2006 (approaching the historically deep solar minimum of cycle 23).

Furthermore, an overnight low of -4.0C (24.8F) was observed at Tasmania’s Mount Wellington early Wednesday morning, Australia’s lowest summer temperature in four years.

Read more at https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2019/12/australia-just-suffered-its-coldest-summer-day-on-record-.html

Why The Green Transition Is Doomed In One Graph

Tackling climate change and transitioning to so-called “green power” are foolish aims.

In the developed nations, like Australia, we are busily rising power costs, driving out manufacturing and wondering every summer if we will have enough power to get us through. We are rationing power, paying large users of power to curtail their use in peak demand times, and generally turning our advanced grid into third world status. The total OECD energy consumption is steady.

Meanwhile, in the developing nations, like China, India, Brazil etc, they are embracing cheap fossil fuels to enable their rapid economic development. They don’t care about the evil CO2 molecules heating the world, they just want to lift their people out of abject poverty.

Climate Extremists “Forced” To Use Diesel Generator

Organisers told the Manchester Evening News they felt like hypocrites but had been forced to use the generator because it would have been too expensive to get a solar panel made

That’s exactly what you are- no feeling like it at all!

The protestors actually admitted what they normally refuse to say:

Solar power is more expensive

Solar power (especially in northern England!) is unreliable and requires backup by traditional reliable means.

From The Manchester Evening News:

Climate change protesters admit using a diesel generator to power their stage

Organisers told the Manchester Evening News they felt like hypocrites but had been forced to use the generator because it would have been too expensive to get a solar panel made

A diesel-powered generator is being used to run the music stage at the Extinction Rebellion protests on Deansgate.

Organisers told the Manchester Evening News they felt “like hypocrites” but had been “forced” to use the generator because it would have been too expensive to get a solar panel made.

The protest – which has brought one of Manchester’s busiest shopping streets to a standstill to highlight the threat of climate change – is on its third day.

Graham Buss, 63, said: “We were desperate to get a solar panel specially made for the demonstrations but it would have cost us £8,000.

“That’s money we simply don’t have.

“Even if we’d been able to get a solar panel made, we would have still had to have had a diesel-powered generator as a back up.

“It’s something we really do regret having to use and we feel like hypocrites, but this is the point.

“We’re part of a system that has made it incredibly difficult to use solar panels for these sorts of events and we feel like we’ve been forced to have to use the diesel generator.