Quote for the Day

The future hope is becoming a present reality in Jesus. He has brought the kingdom. We begin to touch now in the present the beginnings of what will become total on the day when Christ returns. You cannot separate healing from the proclamation of salvation, the good news of the King. Roy Godwin

Quote for the Day

My words in themselves are unlikely to carry the power to change people’s lives. The name of Jesus, on the other hand, carries all authority. So when I bless, it is in order that He might break in and confirm the words with signs following. Roy Godwin

Reflection on Matthew 4:1-11


Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.


The Holy Spirit leads Jesus into the wilderness. There He fasts for forty days and nights.

The devil comes and tempts Jesus three times- to make bread out of stones, to throw Himself off a high place so that angels rescue Him, and to worship satan in return for the glory of the kingdoms of the earth.

Each time, Jesus rebukes satan by quoting Scripture.

Finally, the devil goes away, and angels come and care for Jesus.


The Holy Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness. Actually the Greek word means to be thrown out. This is a forceful leading of the Spirit.

Jesus was taken out into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit for a confrontation with the evil one.

It is said that God does not tempt us to do evil things. However, it is also true that God allows us to be put into places where we are confronted by evil – both the evil in our own hearts and that in the hearts of others.

We don’t know the depths of sin that we can fall into until we face temptation.

Every one of us is able, under the right circumstances, to commit actions that we thought were beneath us.

Satan’s role is to remind us of how corrupt our hearts are without Christ, and to lead us to depend on Him even more.


Lord I know temptation is real. Please give me the grace to stand firm in you. Amen.