Reflection on Mark 7:24-37



The people were absolutely beside themselves and astonished beyond measure. They began to declare, “Everything he does is wonderful! He even makes the deaf hear and the mute speak.”


Here we have descriptions of the healing of two Gentile people.

In the first, a Syrian Phoenician woman comes and pleads with Jesus to heal her daughter who is demonised. Jesus banters with her at first, seemingly to test her faith. He then declares that the daughter is healed.

In the second incident, a def and mute man is brought to Jesus and receives healing. The people are amazed at the power that Jesus has, and they declare that everything Jesus does is wonderful.


Everything Jesus does is wonderful. That should be our testimony.

We can find sometimes that the pressures and disappointments of life can take our attention away from Jesus. Perhaps prayers go unanswered and we start to suspect that Jesus is less than wonderful.

Faith clings to Jesus and says hat everything He does is wonderful.

We must regain that sense of astonishment at a God who heals even deaf and mute people.

He healed the Gentile woman’s daughter; will He not heal my daughter? He healed a deaf man; will He not heal me of my affliction?

Everything Jesus does is wonderful. He still raises the dead, removes demons, gives life to sinners, and heals the sick.

All of these wonderful deeds are signs that the Kingdom of God is already here in our midst.


Lord Jesus, everything you do is wonderful. I thank you for dying for my sins. I thank you for healings received in the past and healings to come in the future. You are awesome in grace and power. Hallelujah! Amen.

Reflection on Song of Songs 2:8-13



My lover said to me,

“Rise up my darling!

Come away with me, my fair one!”


The young woman’s lover is coming over the mountains. He calls out to her, “Come away with me! It is spring and the flowers are springing up. Come away with me!”


We have so many hang-ups with the Song of Songs today. Partly it is because the church generally does not do poetry well, tending to be literalistic when it comes to the Bible. Also our culture is entirely obsessed with sex and cannot make a distinction between romantic love and sex.

So here we have an entire book of the Bible that is one long poem about romantic love, and our brains freeze!

If we see the man in the poem as representing Jesus and the woman as His church, and use our imagination, then we can see something beautiful in this passage.

The man- the lover- comes from a long way to pursue his love and invites her to come away with him.

Jesus has done just that. He came “across the mountains” into the place of our captivity to sin. He showered us with His blessings and invited us to come away with Him.

God’s love always comes first, and we respond. He loved you before you were born, before the world began. He set about wooing you, inviting you to respond to His love,

The call, whether you knew it or not, was to a journey. The flowers are blooming and the birds are singing, and His invitation to you is “Come away with me!”

He promises to never abandon you. Just walk with Him on this journey and He will be with you always.


Thank you Lord Jesus for your never-failing love, for the grace that empowers us for the journey of faith. Please help me to trust you and to receive your love. Amen.

Babylon Bee: Man Refuses To Join Local Gym, Claims He’s Just Part Of The ‘Universal Gym’

Man Refuses To Join Local Gym, Claims He’s Just Part Of The ‘Universal Gym’

TORONTO—Local man Tim Rubidoux has refused to join a local gym, claiming instead that his membership in the “invisible, universal gym” should be enough to get him into shape.

“Yeah, I’m not really into the whole ‘organized fitness’ thing,” he told reporters, stating that he’s been “burned a few times” by gyms that didn’t cater to his every whim. “I’m into fitness, but I’m not religious about it.”

He also launched into a long diatribe about the hypocrisy of other people he sees at the gym, who are working out but aren’t perfectly fit yet. “That really turned me off of the whole institutional exercise thing. It’s just not for me.”

Rubidoux states that he simply exercises on his own time whenever he feels like it, with no disciplined routine or partners to keep him accountable. “Nature is my gym.”

At publishing time, sources had been able to confirm that Rubidoux hasn’t exercised in 14 years.