Uber board member resigns after sexist remark

He could have timed this a bit better:

From theweek.co.uk

Uber board member resigns after sexist remark


A member of the board of ride-sharing app Uber has resigned after making a sexist remark during a staff meeting to discuss problems with sexism at the company. Venture capitalist David Bonderman interrupted fellow board member Ariana Huffington to say that more women on company boards would mean “more talking” was likely.

200 Years of Cycling

Two Hundred years ago, a German nutcase invented the first bicycle and transformed the world.


From the ABC:


Cyclists celebrate ‘nutcase’ inventor as bike turns 200 years old


Cyclists across the country have celebrated the 200th anniversary of the world’s first bicycle ride.

Monday marks 200 years since inventor Karl Drais rode a bicycle for the first time, in the German city of Mannheim.

“Everything we have today … came from this machine. It’s as simple as that,” said vintage cycling enthusiast Stewart Clissold at a celebration in the Melbourne suburb of Brunswick.

“Karl von Drais saw a lovely young girl ice skating, and he saw how fluently she moved across the ice. And his idea was, if he was to put wheels under himself, he could move as gracefully as her.”

Other celebrations have been held in Sydney, Darwin, Bendigo and Geelong.

“It started a total revolution,” Charlie Farren of the Vintage Cycle Club said.

“We’ve got to thank this nutcase inventor.”

Bicycle’s creation linked to Indonesian volcano

The bicycle was invented as Europe suffered in the aftermath of an Indonesian volcanic eruption that caused chaos across the world.

“Back in the early 1800s, there was this phenomenal eruption, clouds of smoke and dust permeated everywhere [in Europe],” Ms Farren said.

“It’s said that the crops failed, the horses starved.

“This invention of Baron von Drais became a hit overnight because it wasn’t a horse, it didn’t need feeding. All it needed was you, your legs, a bit of energy, and you were away.”

The invention quickly became popular, mainly with affluent young men.

However, poor road quality meant they would often ride on the footpaths, which led to the machine being banned soon after it was created.

‘You just glide along’: riding a replica

Vintage cycling club members were proudly showing replicas to keen onlookers today, and explaining the machine had its limitations.

“I think not only was it the first carriage that went underneath a human, it was also the first natural contraceptive,” Mr Clissold said.

“I can assure you, after riding one a short period of time on rather rough cobblestone roads, you were not going home for anything other than a hot bath.”

However, Ms Farren said the replica was a delight to ride on flat surfaces, likening it to ice-skating.

“It’s a little bit like roller-blading,” she said.

“You get a beautiful stride going, and you glide along.”

Protesters Ignore People They Purport to Represent

The trouble with protesters is that most of them are either blind or stupid.

Tim Blair writes:


April 10, 2017 5:49pm
It’s always about Trump, even when he’s supported by Hillary
It’s always about Trump, even when he’s supported by Hillary

Anti-war riff-raff were chanting and screeching during a London protest against Syrian bombing on Friday – and then an actual Syrian turned up.


Hassan Akkad, from Damascus, asked why the group was not protesting against President Assad instead, but was drowned out.

He said: “British people not letting a Syrian say something about Syria in a protest about Syria. It’s mad.”

The 29-year-old said he had wanted to be the voice of Syrians who were still in the country but left the protest “livid”.

After a video of the encounter was shared widely online, Mr Akkad told the BBC: “I didn’t see them protesting against the chemical attacks, I didn’t see them protesting against Putin bombing Syria for the last two years.

“I wanted to go to that protest and I wanted to observe.

“I went to the protest and I saw a group of 30 people with placards, not a single mention of Assad.

“All the placards are against Donald Trump and they’re repeating baseless slogans with their megaphones.”

He added: “I went to them respectfully and said, ‘Listen I’m a Syrian refugee who lives here and I have an opinion, it’s a protest about Syria I want to say something’.

“They didn’t even address me, they ignored my existence.”

Poor fellow. He didn’t fit the narrative.


From “The Babylon Bee

Skeleton Of Preacher Still Waiting For One More Person To Come Forward Discovered

WOODLANDS VALLEY, TX—The perfectly preserved skeleton of a pastor still waiting for one more person to come forward was discovered at an abandoned church building once belonging to First Baptist Church, sources confirmed Tuesday.

Dated to around 1996, the skeleton was reportedly discovered by a group of youths exploring the church’s abandoned sanctuary on Main Street. The pristine skeletal remains were still standing next to the church’s pulpit, hands outstretched as if waiting for just one more person to come forward.

According to church historians, the skeleton belonged to Pastor Mark, who gave an extended altar call at the end of the church’s final service at the old building in the autumn of 1996, and was never heard from again.

“We always thought he had simply moved on to another church after he didn’t get that one more person to come forward,” deacon Jon Wilder told reporters. “We had no idea he stood there for days or even weeks before he finally passed away, frozen to the spot.”

“If I had only known he was so determined to get that last person to make a decision for Christ, by golly, I’da gone up myself,” Wilder added.

Sources also confirmed that a cassette tape playing “Just As I Am” was still looping indefinitely when the skeleton was discovered.

Book Review. “The Halo Effect” by Anne D. LeClaire

51ZanlM1XLL._SS130_I downloaded this book thinking it was a murder mystery, and it is, but the story starts after the murder and focuses on the way that the murder affects the victim’s family and friends.

Lucy, a teenage girl in a small seaside town is murdered, and naturally her parents are devastated. The father, an artist, becomes angry and turns to drink. The mother eventually leaves him. Her best friend, Rain, becomes obsessed with security and starts cutting herself to let the feelings out. And Father Gervais, tasked by the bishop with commissioning Lucy’s father to paint representations of the saints for a new cathedral, has his own long-buried grief to work through.

This is a well written narrative. The smells and scenery, the people and their surroundings are described so well that you can put yourself into Port Fortune and “see” the people clearly.

TV crime shows like “Midosmer Murders” and “NCIS” rarely examine the effect that death has on the community around the victim. You can’t do that in 50 minutes. This is a book that deals with grief in all its messiness and still appeals as a great story in its own right.