Scary Questions

Alan Hirsch writes this on his blog:

OK, I want to return to our discussion on the new book. To get to the heart of the material, I have to introduce you to the question that obsessed me for about 3 years non-stop–the question that started my personal quest and culminated in the wrting of The Forgotten Ways. This question will serve as both the starting point AND the constant reference point for all the material in the book as well as this series of blogs. And here’s why it is so central: I am now utterly convinced that in the answer to this question is found some direct clues to the nature of the church as God intended it as well as some answers for the missional malaise of the church in our time and place. So here goes… …

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Happy 25th, Religious Freedom

Happy 25th, Religious Freedom
But we'll skip the cake!

25 year ago this month, more precisely on November 25, 1981, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed a 'Declaration on Elimination of All Forms of Intolerance and Discrimination Based on Religion or Belief' – in more simple terms, a resolution for world-wide religious freedom and tolerance. Sounds wonderful, doesn't it? But hardly anyone is celebrating. The stark reality today is that in many parts of the world, freedom of religion or belief does not exist for individuals or communities. …

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