Report From the Front

It’s tough here at Port Macquarie- so many potential activities battling the desire for a quiet week. Margaret’s been taking the morning shift and I take the afternoon shift for naps.

Tuesday night is the big special at Mike’s Seafood in the heart of Port Macquarie. The deal is you buy one serve of fish and chips at the regular price of $9.25 and a second serve costs just $2. You get very generous servings of well cooked battered fish and scrumptious chips.

So we took our fish and chips 50 metres to the Town Green, near the Hastings River. We sat down on the grass ready to be mean to the assembled seagulls which seem to believe that humans are there to feed them. 

Then we were joined by a pelican which seemed determined that we would donate our fish. He landed a few metres away but edged closer and closer, until the tip of his beak was almost in Margaret’s dinner. Until you have confronted a pelican eye to eye over a piece of fish, you have no idea how menacing they can be.

I waved at it to send it away. It backed off a metre then edged closer again.

I was about to stand up to scare it off when a man behind me said, “I can help with that. I wasn’t sure if you wanted it there or not.”

With that he unleashed the secret weapon- a two year old boy! The boy wasted no time in chasing the birds. The seagulls and pelican headed out over the river and towards the boats. The seagulls regrouped later but the intimidating pelican was not seen again.

Tonight’s dinner will be pancakes at the Pancake Palace. This is Margaret’s favourite eatery in the entire universe.

Tomorrow we will be meeting old friend Kerry Medway for lunch at Sea Acres.

Friday night we will be having dinner with Margaret’s cousin Lorraine who lives in Port Macquarie with husband Chris. In fact we can see their flat from our apartment here. 

Between our social engagements, morning trips to the spa and pool, and daily visits to the beach, we are also finding time to go shopping- a tea shop and several charity shops were on the agenda today. I believe Bunnings and Harvey Norman are expecting our attendance also.

It’s hard work, but we are managing to keep up with it.Image