Mike Willesee: A premonition, plane crash and testing miracles

From the ABC:

Mike Willesee: A premonition, plane crash and testing miracles


Veteran journalist Mike Willesee has revealed how miraculously surviving a plane crash changed his life forever, kick-starting a journey back to his Catholic faith.

It is this faith, and the support of his family, that has sustained Willesee through his current battle with throat cancer and a debilitating course of radiation therapy that ended only recently.

The legendary current affairs presenter and reporter was too unwell to attend his induction into the Australian Media Hall of Fame on Friday in Sydney.

In a pre-recorded acceptance speech he said: “To be a journalist, for me, has been a gift that just keeps on giving.”

If it wasn’t for an extraordinary twist of fate 20 years ago, Willesee’s career could have been cut short well before now.

In 1997 he and his cameraman Greg Low were about to board a twin-engine Cessna plane in Nairobi, Kenya, bound for Southern Sudan to film a documentary.

But before they took off, Willesee said he had a premonition the aircraft would crash.

“I couldn’t understand it. I had this fight in my own head before I got on the plane. How do I tell Greg that it’s going to crash?

“I don’t believe in premonitions. Did I believe it was going to crash? Absolutely.”

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VIDEO: Everyone aboard the Cessna aircraft was unharmed. (ABC News)

The plane took off in a tropical downpour and shortly after began experiencing problems.

For Willesee, the experience was surreal.

“When it stalled, and it stopped for this one excruciating second and then started to spiral and go down, the only thought I could get out of my head was, ‘I was right’, which is pretty freaky.

“I said my first prayer to a God who I didn’t understand and whose existence I was quite unsure of.”

That wasn’t the end of the drama. When the aircraft finally settled, the pilot and the other two passengers got out as fast as they could, leaving Willesee and Low in their seats.

“Greg’s seat buckle was jammed because he had his camera on his lap and we thought the plane would explode and burn because of the noise and incredible amount of smoke.

“So I ran back into the plane and Greg freed himself as I got in and we got out.”

The plane crash was the start of a long journey back to the Catholic faith of his childhood.

“The plane crash changed me a lot,” Willesee said.

“It still took me I think maybe two years, for me to actually say there is a God.”

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Muslim Woman Rises from the Dead After 2 Days in Morgue

From Christian Today

Muslim Woman Rises from the Dead After 2 Days in Morgue, Tells Family Jesus Brought Her Back to Life



This Muslim woman was pronounced dead and lying cold in a morgue in Moscow, Russia for two days already.

Suddenly, she returned to life and stepped out of the hospital gurney!

Based on her testimony, the woman, named Sabina, says while she was lying at the morgue surrounded by corpses, she had a vision of a tree growing at the top of the well, according to Assist News.

From its trunk, a branch moved toward her. The branch then changed into flesh as Sabina heard the words, “If you grab onto my hand, I will bring you back to life.”

Sabina did as instructed. She then woke up and heard the voices of doctors searching for a missing cadaver—hers.

“I’m alive. Don’t worry,” she shouted at the frightened doctors.

The medical staff offered her water, food and clothes, and arranged for her transport to a university research hospital in Moscow, where she had traveled from Central Asia to visit her imprisoned son.

Mystified hospital personnel could not explain how Sabina returned to life after spending two days in a coma and then two more days in the morgue.

When she returned to her home somewhere in Central Asia, Sabina had another big surprise for her family. “There’s somewhere I have to go,” she told her daughters.

She headed for a Pentecostal church and promptly professed her faith in Jesus Christ, leaving behind her Muslim faith.

The hand that lifted her from the gurney at the morgue, returning her to life, unmistakeably belongs to Jesus. That’s why she readily embraced Him upon returning home in gratitude for His saving grace.

After she told her six daughters and a son about how she came back to life, they all converted to Christianity.

Last year, Sabina, who is now 63 years old, saw her 92-year-old mother and a niece also embracing Jesus.

More recently, Sabina’s oldest daughter—who just this summer was highly critical of Christianity—also turned to Jesus.

Book Review- “Birthing the Miraculous” by Heidi Baker

In this book Heidi Baker shares some of her experiences in sharing the gospel and caring for children in Mozambique.

In describing the power of the Holy Spirit to work miracles and bring healing to people, she constantly comes back to the importance of the Secret Place- time spent alone in the presence of the Father. It is intimacy with God that gives us the love for people that motivates us to share Jesus with them and then connects us with God’s power to release the miracles.

At times there have been battles. She recounts how she prayed for every blind person she met. For one year not one of them was healed but every one of them received Jesus. Then there was a blind woman named Aida (the equivalent of Heidi) who had no pupils or no iris but God restored her sight, The next blind person she met was also a woman and she was healed. In fact there were three women in a row that she met who were blind and who were healed- all three named Aida. This started a remarkable outpouring of miracles.

This is a breakthrough book for me. It ministers not just to the head but the heart. It reminds us again that we can do nothing apart from God, but with Him nothing is impossible.

Head knowledge of the Scriptures will not draw us closer to God. All the programmes and preaching brilliance that the church relies on will not bring revival to our land. We need to learn to depend on God and God alone.