Today’s Sermon


The sermon for March 18th 2018 is now available on the New Life website.

In this sermon which is based on Malachi 3:6-12, i talk about the power of tithing.

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Today’s Sermon


The sermon for June 18th 2017 is now on the New life web-site.

In this sermon, which is based on Malachi 3:1016, I talk about the power of tithing.

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Reflection on Micah 3:1-6



Then the offering of Judah and Israel will be pleasing to the Lord as in the days of old and as in former years.


The Lord will send His messenger to prepare the way and then He, the Lord, will appear in His temple. The messenger of the covenant is coming, and he will purify the Levites and refine them like gold.

Then the offering of Israel and Judah will be pleasing to the Lord.

The Lord will come to judge sorcerers, adulterers, those who swear falsely and those who oppress the workers, widows and orphans. The Lord does not change and that is why He has protected the children of Israel.


There seems to be a mixed message here, but t is actually two threads of the one message. On the one hand it is good news that the Lord is coming and He will restore His people. But on the other hand, He will judge all who live in sinful, oppressive or deceitful ways.

God does not change. His agenda has always been to raise up a people who will walk in humble fellowship and obedience to Him. God wants people to be holy, both as a sign of His presence with us and also because a life of righteous dedication to the Lord is the most fruitful and rewarding life possible.

As we prepare to celebrate the coming of the Lord Jesus, we need to search our hearts and allow the Holy Spirit to clean out everything that is unclean.


Lord come and dwell in my heart. I ask you to remove everything that displeases you so that I may be holy in every part of my being. Amen.