Mark Virkler: Prayerfully Speak God’s Healing Promises

Mark Virkler gives a powerful method of using Scripture to receive healing from the Lord.

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Submitted by Mark Virkler on November 23, 2022 – 14:47

Doctors give us a prescription to take their medicine two or three times a day. Derek Prince spoke healing promises over himself three times a day and within a few months was healed of an infirmity that had been with him for years. Read his powerful testimony here.

Prayerfully speak these verses aloud over yourself morning and evening as your daily medicine from Almighty God. Ask the Holy Spirit to illumine these Scriptures as heart revelations.

Mechanical reciting of these verses is NOT what God is looking for!

  • Utilize the seven steps of  Biblical meditation so that faith arises! 
  • I have personalized the verses below having taken them from “The Passion Translation” (for Psalms, Proverbs and the New Testament). The remaining verses are from the New American Standard Bible (NASB).
  • When I slowly and prayerfully spoke these healing Scriptures, picturing them, believing them, feeling them, and thanking God, I felt the Spirit move and faith arise. When I followed this up with the EmWave2, I discovered I was in a high level of coherence. Cool! I also re-tested myself and noted that if I just spoke the verses mechanically, this did NOT produce increased coherence. One more piece of evidence that Christianity is NOT mechanical. It is a heartfelt living encounter with the living God.

Read the full article here

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