Before and After Safe Water: 20 Powerful Photos

From the Compassion blog, comes a powerful article about how clean water transforms communities.

In northern Uganda, young Betty once faced a frustrating choice: walk nearly 4 miles to fetch water that cows and pigs also drank from, or drink from the nearby well, which was wriggling with worms. She was one of the 2.2 billion — or 1 in 3 — people around the world who do not have access to safe drinking water, according to UNICEF. The impact means hundreds of thousands of children under 5 die each year from preventable waterborne diseases.

For Betty, a safe water point changed everything. No longer is she one of the shocking statistics — she has clean drinking water at the turn of a tap. Access to safe water changes more than just a child’s health. It can improve their education outcomes and even their family’s financial situation.

See for yourself! Meet Betty and other children whose lives changed after they gained access to safe drinking water.


Read the rest of the article here


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