Reflection on Zechariah 8:I – 21


The people of one city will say to the people of another, “Come with me to Jerusalem to ask the Lord to bless us. Let’s worship the Lord of Heavens Armies. I am determined to go.”


Gods love for Jerusalem is passionate. He will live in Zion. Jerusalem will bustle with people of all ages. The Lord will bring his people back from all over the world.

The Lord is planting seeds of peace and prosperity. Grape vines will be heavy with fruit, and there will be abundant crops.

Traditional fasts and times of mourning are to become festivals of joy and celebration.

People from all over the world will plan to come to Jerusalem to seek the Lord’s blessing.


The Lord’s plan for Israel and for Jerusalem, in particular, are that they become places that showcase the blessings of the Lord. The Lord is determined to dwell among His people. The result is that people from all over the world would make pilgrimages to Jerusalem to seek the Lord’s blessing, regardless of their religion.

We are seeing this coming true in our own time. The Lord has blessed the nation of Israel abundantly to make it one of the most prosperous and innovative nations in the world. Jerusalem is a beacon for many people in the world – Christians, Jews and Muslims.

All of these promises apply to the church also. We are the Jerusalem that was prophesied about.

God blesses His people as they walk in faithful obedience. People with no knowledge about the Lord will look to Christians for advice or to the church to receive some blessing from the Lord.


Thank you, Father, for the way you lavish blessing after blessing on your people, including me. Please help me to point others towards the love of Jesus. Amen

One thought on “Reflection on Zechariah 8:I – 21

  1. Keith,
    I am in east Texas, little town of Alto. Just read your words on dispensationalism (don’t know if I spelled it right). As a grad from a dispensational seminary, 25 year minister, and Southern Baptist /Missionary Baptist believer for 33 of my 61 year old life, i have to say that you have “hit the nail on the head”.
    Our idea of “church” is failing, no has failed and has not “worked” for decades, if ever. I have known this but have never understood what to change to or how to make a change.
    It seems that the system is too broke to fix and the change will have to come from a new work.
    I had hands laid on me in Steamboat Springs, Colorado in 1990, was filled with the Holy Spirit with tongues. Since then, i have been aware of the unbiblical and non-bible based views that cessationist and dispensationalist push with confidence. Here it is not just the pulpit but the pew. Congregations don’t tolerate any view but what they have always heard.
    I thought that the pentecostal and charismatic brothers and sisters

    I just got a call that one of my ladies, Sue, has been rushed to the hospital and is non-responsive.
    I am open to suggestions.

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