Hope For Every Impossible Marriage

Marriage is basically impossible without the grace of God. But when one partner is same-sex attracted, that’s beyond impossible, right? Wrong.

Laurie Kreig writes this in Ann Voskamp’s blog:

My heart felt icy. “Why am I even in this marriage?” I silently asked Jesus. “God, help me. Please, give me some hope.”

I clicked on a Christian podcast seeking to encourage married people. The gender joking began immediately: “Is it God’s big joke that He makes men and women get married?” I braced myself, guessing I knew what would come next. I’ve heard it dozens—if not hundreds—of times.

“Seeking unity through our differences preaches the gospel.”
“I mean, seriously! We all want to have sex before we get married, but then we get married, and surprise! Men like their sports, not talking emotionally, want lots of physical intimacy, and they want to be left alone in their ‘man caves.’ Women? They like Pinterest, talking emotionally, they don’t want sex, and they want to relate in their ‘she sheds.’ But! We are in a covenant, and God hates divorce, so, ha ha! Stinks to be us. We are stuck!”

Click. I couldn’t listen anymore. My cold heart squeezed in pain.

Yeah. Why is it male-and-female marriage? If you all hate each other so much, why are you even married?

The weight of their gender jabs fell extra heavily on my ears. I wasn’t just wrestling with staying in my marriage to my husband, Matt; I was wrestling with staying in my marriage to a man.

We all have our own story and this is my story.

And I am grateful to vulnerably and humbly share my story, and grateful for people to hold space for my story and the way it unfolded.

For as long as I can remember, I have been attracted to women. After college, as I wrestled with either killing myself, or coming out as a lesbian atheist, I reached out to a therapist for help with the suicidality.

This Jesus-loving counselor not only helped to remove shame and self-hatred from my life—she helped me to encounter Jesus like I never had before.

Her work through the power of the Spirit did not transform me from gay to straight, but it cleared a path in my heart to receive more of God’s love.

Read the rest of the story here:

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