Reflection on Romans 5:12-21


For the sin of this one man, Adam, brought death to many. But even greater is God’s wonderful grace and his gift of forgiveness to many through this one man, Jesus Christ.


Adam’s sin brought death to everyone because we all sin. People sinned before the law was given and everyone died.

Adam is a representative of Jesus Christ. Adam’s sin brought death to many. But Christ’s death brings life and forgiveness of sin. Through Adam’s sin we are all condemned, but through Christ’s obedience we are all made righteous.

God’s law is given to make us see the reality and the extent of our sin. As people sinned, God’s grace abounded in forgiving their sins.


Everyone sins. It doesn’t matter how good we are in human terms, the fact is that we are all sinners.

Our DNA is corrupted by the sin of Adam. Sin is our inheritance and our heritage.

Sin separates us from God who is the source of life. So our bodies wear out and die. This is not how it was meant to be.

Just as Adam’s one act of sin brought death to all people, so Christ’s one act of obedience brought life to all people. God sees the sacrifice of Jesus as a suitable payment for our disobedience and He grants us forgiveness.

When we are forgiven by God, we can once again draw near to Him and receive eternal life.

Ultimately, the choice is ours. Do we want to remain rebellious sinners headed for the torment of hell? Or do we want to receive the free gift of life through Christ and ensure that we will go to eternal joy in heaven?


Lord, you lay out a stark choice for us with no shades of grey. Thank you for setting me free from sin and for the promise of eternal life. Amen.

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