Reflection on Psalm 2


The kings of the earth prepare for battle

the leaders plot together against the Lord and his anointed one

“Let us break their chains,” they cry,

“and free ourselves from slavery to God.”

Many leaders- governmental, educational, in the media- are angry with God. They don’t just want to ignore Him; they want to destroy Him and His followers.

This is increasingly true in the West as much as in countries traditionally opposed to christian beliefs.

We can see this exemplified in two high profile sporting heroes over the last twelve months.

Rugby player Israel Folau was sacked for posting a reference to a Bible verse saying adulterers, thieves and homosexuals among others, were going to hell unless they repent.

Tennis great Margaret Court has been vilified for her view that marriage should be between a man and a woman. The woman who has achieved more tennis victories than any other in history was given a very grudging recognition by Tennis Australia

We know that there are many people who resist the “chains” that the Lord puts on people, as they perceive it. They are angry at a God they don’t believe in, and oppose the values of a book they have never read.

God’s response to such people is that He firstly laughs at them, and then He rebukes them. As if we could resist the Almighty God who created who created everything by a word.

As christians we are called to love those who oppose us, to not respond to evil with more evil. This can be hard at times, but it is the most effective way of silencing those who oppose God.


Lord Jesus, I want to pray for those who oppose you today. Open their eyes and their hearts so they can see you as you really are. Amen.

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