Reflection on Exodus 24:12-18


Then Moses disappeared into the cloud as he climbed higher up the mountain. He remained on the mountain forty days and forty nights.


The Lord commands Moses to go up to Him on the mountain. He tells the elders to stay where they are and wait.

Moses climbs the mountain and the glory of the Lord covers it for six days. On the seventh day the Lord calls Moses to come into the cloud, which he does, disappearing from sight. There he stays for forty days.


Moses went up into the cloud of God’s glory. This obviously took a lot of effort, especially considering his age. An old man climbing a mountain- this is physically hard work.

Sometimes we expect our encounters with God to come easily. We want comfort, not too much work.

The rhythm of prayer can be physically and emotionally draining. If it isn’t, then we are not doing it right, especially in relation to prayers that particularly affect the ones we love.

There is a reason that the word for worship in some churches is the word liturgy. It literally means the work of the people.. Worship was never meant to be a concert enjoyed in the comfort of theatre seating.

Moses stated in the glory of God for forty days and nights. Really? That is nearly six weeks of his life, given over to being in the presence of God.

Those who are spiritually mature have learned to spend time in God’s presence. They have learned that you don’t relate to the infinite God in a five minute devotional time. Knowing God takes a serious commitment of time.

God’s love for us is intense and infallible. Why would we baulk at the idea of putting work and investing time to know Him more?


Father, please help me to low down and draw close to you. Show me what gets in the way and give me the grace to overcome it. Amen.

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