Reflection on John 15:18-27


“If the world hates you, remember that it hated me first.”


The world system hates Jesus, so it will hate His followers. We have been called out of the world by Jesus, therefore the world hates us.

The world rejected Jesus and therefore the Father. They would not be guilty, but He came and taught the Good News and did many miraculous signs to testify to who He is. They saw these hings and rejected Him anyway.

Jesus will send an Advocate, the spirit of truth, to testify to the disciples about Jesus.


The world system hates christians because we are not of this world.

Every day christians are persecuted in various ways– torture, beatings, prison, even death. The media will highlight Muslims or Hindus being persecuted, but they wilfully ignore the many more christians who are persecuted.

Why is this?

Governments are of the world system. The media are of the world system. Academics and other commentators are of the world system.

The world protects its own, but refuses to acknowledge christians who are, by definition, not of the world.

At the point where we decide to follow Jesus we are lifted from the tribe called “people of the world” and placed into the tribe called “people of the Lord.”

The world is offended by christians who offend its empty morality. We offend their empty philosophies and world views. We offend their desire to be self-sufficient and controlling of all things.

We should not be surprised that the world hates us. But we must also learn to love those who oppose us and call us enemies.


Lord Jesus, please help me to love those who the me for your sake. Help me to testify to your great grace, that they may see you in me. Amen.

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