Reflection on John 12:11-19


Now the crowd that was with him when he called Lazarus from the tomb and raised him from the dead continued to spread the word.


Jesus enters Jerusalem for the Passover Feast. The great crowd that had gathered for the Festival meet Him, take up palm branches and shout “Hosanna!”

Jesus rides through the crowd on a donkey to fulfil Zechariah’s prophecy.

The crowd that had seen Lazarus raised form the dead continue to spread the word about Jesus, but the Pharisees be come more desperate as they say, “the whole world has gone after him!”


The ongoing reaction of people to the miracle of Jesus being raised from the dead is a thorn in the flesh for the Pharisees. They claim that “the whole world” is following Jesus because of the witness of these people.

One of the the themes of John’s gospel is the power of testimony. Here we see it again as people are wanting to follow Jesus because others have told them what they saw.

My testimony is powerful because nobody can contradict it. It happened to me. I was there. My life since I met with Christ testifies to the transforming. power of salvation.

We can argue about theology, spirituality or philosophy. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Nobody can argue with my testimony.

The reason why the gospel spreads so rapidly and continues to impact lives is simple. It is true experientially. Countless millions of people around the world agree. Jesus is alive. He was dead but now He is alive.


Thank you God for the reality of the gospel. Thank you for this relationship I have with you that changes everything. Amen.

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