Reflection on John 9:1-41


“Ever since the world began, no one has ever been able to open the eyes of someone born blind. If this man were not from God, he couldn’t have done it.”


Jesus comes across a man who was born blind. His disciples ask who sinned to cause this to happen. Jesus replies that it is for God’s glory, and proceeds to restore the man’s sight.

There is some doubt about whether this man is the same beggar, but he keeps testifying “I am the one.”

The Pharisees get involved. They conclude that Jesus could not have done this because He is a sinner. The man responds by saying, “God doesn’t listen to sinners, yet Jesus healed my sight. He couldn’t have done this if He were not from God.”


The healing of someone born blind was a miracle that people believed only the Messiah could perform. In the investigation into this matter, every alternative explanation is explored. Even when it is clear that the man born blind is healed, the Pharisees could not accept that Jesus is the Messiah because they had already labelled Him a sinner.

The man’s testimony is vital in this narrative. Nobody has healed a man born blind, and certainly a sinner could not do this. Jesus must be who He claims to be, even if the Pharisees don’t like it.

God often comes to us in ways that are surprising or that defy our understanding. Maybe we don’t like the person who prays for healing for us. Maybe a prophetic word is delivered in a way we find offensive.

Sometimes God answers prayer in a way that we don’t expect, and we find it hard to see how this could be His work.

Always we need to look beyond circumstances and past our prejudices. God appears to us in surprising ways because He is bigger and smarter than we are!


Lord, thank you for every answered prayer and every God encounter, even when they don’t look the way I expect. Amen.

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