Reflection on John 7:25-36


Then Jesus told them, “I will be with you only a little while longer. Then I will return to the one who sent me. You cannot go where I am going.”


People are starting to discuss whether Jesus is the Messiah. Some people say that he can’t be the Messiah because they know where He was born, and the Messiah is supposed to just appear. Others say that Jesus must be the Messiah because of the number and types of miracles He has performed.

The Pharisees try to have Jesus arrested, but this cannot be done because it is not yet the right time. Jesus tells them He will be with them a little longer, and they cannot go where He is going.


Jesus is warning the Jewish people that He will soon be leaving, and if they do not believe in Him they will not be able to follow Him.

He tells them straight out that He will return to the Father. They will not be able to follow Him there because they do not believe in Him.

It is puzzling that they take away from this the meaning that Jesus is going to a foreign land. They could not hear the message that Jesus would be going back to the one who sent Him.

There is a kind of blindness that comes from unbelief which twists the gospel around and skips over God’s grace. The words “You must be saved” get applied to other people. The statement that “All have sinned” must relate to that person over there, not to me.

We need Jesus to be the light that comes into our eyes so that we can understand and see the whole gospel.

Unbelief is dangerous because it not only prevents us from believing but also closes our eyes to the fact that we are not believing.


Lord Jesus, be the light that opens my eyes to see your glory. Where I have fallen into unbelief, show me and give me faith to follow you. Amen.

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