Reflection on John 6:25-40


Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never be hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.”


The crowd find Jesus on the other side of the lake. Jesus tells them they are only looking for Him because of the bread they ate. Jesus tells them that hey must work for food that endures, not food that spoils.

He goes on to tell them that it was not Moses who gave them food from heaven, but the Father who gives the true bread of heaven.

Jesus is the bread of life. Anyone who comes to Him will not go hungry or thirsty. The Father’s will is that everyone who comes to Jesus will have eternal life.


Jesus is the bread of life. He brings us all that we need for fulfilment in this life and in eternity.

Every form of physical food is good for a short time. It meets a need for a while. Soon we find ourselves needing more.

Only Jesus feeds us for eternity. He meets every spiritual need that we have and will have in the future. When I feed on Him, I know that He will bring me to eternal life.

It is not just about what happens when I die. It is also about this life. People get excited about all kinds of fads and fashions. They think that travelling the world will fix the emptiness inside, or the latest food trend will fill their need, or playing sport. These things are temporary and cannot offer any spiritual nourishment.

Jesus gives us true purpose, a true reason for living. He is the bread of heaven who gives us abundant life.


Lord Jesus, fill my spirit. May I look to you and to you alone to be my food and source of life. Amen.

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