Reflection on John 3:19-42

Reflection on John 3:19-42


“Now we believe, not just because of what you told us, but because we have now heard for ourselves. Now we know that he is the Saviour of the world.”


The woman turns the discussion to where is the right place to worship. Jesus tells her that the time has already come that the Father does not care about where we worship God but that we worship in spirit and in truth.

The disciples return and urge Jesus to eat something. Jesus replies that His food is to do the will of the Father.

Many of the Samaritan villagers believe in Jesus because of the testimony of the woman, More importantly they believe He is the Saviour because they encounter Jesus for themselves.


The woman believes in Jesus because she recognises He is a prophet. He told her her life story then gave a new account of a God who loves everybody and not just the Jews.

She tells her friends who come to see for themselves. They believe in Jesus because of the woman’s testimony. Meeting Jesus for themselves is a different, deeper experience.

John’s story of the expanding kingdom of God is about people encountering Jesus and then taking their testimony of that experience to others who come to see for themselves who Jesus is.

Our personal testimony of Jesus is the greatest tool of evangelism that we have. Nobody can argue with our experience.

Secondly there is an invitation, “Come and see this man who told me everything I have done.” At their own meeting with Jesus He becomes more than an abstract theory but a real person.

People are not saved by hearing a personal testimony but it is a great place to start. Having shared that testimony, we need to pray that they will move on to their own encounter with Jesus,


Thank you Lord for saving me from sin. Please help me to share my story and to invite others to come and meet Jesus. Amen.

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