Reflection on John 3:22-36


“No one can receive anything unless God gives it from heaven.”


Jesus spends some time baptising people. Some of John’s disciples come to John and say that Jesus is getting more baptisms than John is. John replies that Jesus is the Messiah. He, Jesus, must become greater while John becomes less.

Jesus is from heaven and testifies about heavenly thing. John, on the other hand, is from the earth and testifies about earthly things.


When people pursue spiritual gifts or ministries, there can be a tendency to forget that they are gifts or callings given by the Holy Spirit, They can run off at a tangent, chasing an experience of God rather than chasing God Himself.

John’s disciples missed the point about John’s ministry, a mistake made by Jesus’ disciples later. It was not about the number of people being baptised by their group. The point of John’s ministry was to pave the way for Jesus.

Whatever we seek, it only comes as a gift from God, whether we recognise that or not.

This apples in families and businesses also. The top entrepreneurs in the world get to be rich and famous because they worked hard and because God gave them a particular gifting.

Every good gift comes from our heavenly Father. We can do nothing unless God allows it.

So when we pursue something from God, we need to make sure the gift or ministry is not an idol, that is something that becomes more important to us than God Himself.

If we remember that everything is a gift from God, our hearts will be filled with gratitude and thankfulness- a much healthier state than the anger and sense of entitlement that mark much of our society.


Than you Lord for every good gift from your hand. Amen.

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