Eight things you need to know about the Israel Folau saga | Bernard Gaynor

Eight things you need to know about the Israel Folau saga | Bernard Gaynor

This is Raelene Castle.

And even though she looks like she’s auditioning for the lead role in a Hollywood blockbuster in which a transgender woman and a radical lesbian feminist find common ground through gentle and tender comedy while raising awareness about the threat of climate change as they travel across America on a stolen electric scooter with an incel hitchhiker named Jason, she’s actually not.

Instead, she’s a great leader. See:

Like all great leaders, Raelene Castle has principles and she sticks to them. She says what she means. For instance, just a couple of days ago she said this:

Rugby is a sport that continuously works to unite people, regardless of their race, religion, gender or sexuality. All people are welcome to be part of the rugby family.

This great leader uttered these words at the end of a press conference in which she announced that Israel Folau would be sacked for his Christian views on sexuality. Also see:

Obviously, when the Great Leader Raelene Castle said that rugby welcomed all people, she did not mean Christians. Indeed, she probably doesn’t even think that Christians are human. So why would they be welcome in Raelene’s castle?

If you are a grown up and all of this is doing your head in, don’t worry, I’m here to help.

There are eight things you need to know about this Israel Folau kerfuffle.

Let me list all the other ways that Raelene Castle is a great leader and Rugby Australia is not imploding and taking down the last edifice of freedom in this nation with it.

1. Raelene Castle is destroying Australian rugby

Rugby Australia decided to axe the Western Force in 2017 to save $6 million a year. And this decision was made even after Andrew Forrest offered to stump up $50 million from his personal piggy bank to keep the team alive.

And now it seems highly likely that Rugby Australia will be forced to pay out Israel Folau’s $4 million contract (the ink on it is still wet), foot the bill for Raelene Castle’s extraordinary leadership at $815,255 per year and stump up for the legal costs of this saga as well. That’s likely to add up to a tad more than $6 million.

Guess what? It would have been cheaper for Rugby Australia to let Israel Folau have his say and keep the Western Force alive.

But that hasn’t happened.

So now guess what? On the eve of the Rugby World Cup, Rugby Australia has gone to war with its star player and sent a message to all the other Israel Folaus chasing the ball around that they are not wanted either.

Given only half the Australian side are Pacific Islanders and the kids of this community are basically keeping junior rugby alive, it’s a good thing that Raelene Castle is such a brilliant boss that she understands Pacific Islanders have a strongly held belief in the separation of church and the footy field.

2. Rugby union in general has gone nuts

Bear with me because this is so weird that you couldn’t make it up, even if you were partying with Karmichael Hunt (we’ll get to that later).

There’s a rugby team in New Zealand called the Canterbury Crusaders. And even though they had nothing to do with the Christchurch terrorist attack they’re considering a name change anyway because to keep it would be Islamophobic.

And on the other side of the world, there’s another rugby team based in London named the Saracens.

The saracens spread Islam at the point of a sword throughout the Middle East, across North Africa and into Europe, including the Sharia law bit justifying the execution of homosexuals. The crusaders attempted to free the Holy Land from saracen control and jihadis are still miffed about this, hence the umpteen thousand Islamic terrorist attacks across the globe.

But the Saracens rugby club are not changing their name again, presumably, because it would be Islamophobic to do so.

There’s a bloke who plays for the Saracens by the name of Billy Vuniploa. And he has earnt himself a formal warning for daring to agree with Israel Folau. He didn’t mention hell but he did state that men were meant for women.

So, in general terms, it’s ok for a rugby team to be named after the saracens who used force to spread the belief that homosexuals should be executed but it’s not ok for a person to play in this team if they believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. And it’s definitely not ok for a rugby team to be named after the crusaders, who fought the saracens.

And somewhere in all of this is Sonny Bill Williams, the high profile Kiwi player who converted to Islam, quotes from the Koran on his Twitter page and who converses on social media with a mufti who once said:

“gays are worse than animals”

Like the Exalted One Raelene Castle said, rugby welcomes all people – even the ones who think the other ones are not human.

Perhaps if Israel Folau was Muslim, Raelene Castle would have gone with him to visit a mosque after he expressed his views. But he isn’t, so that didn’t happen.

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