Reflection on Luke 19:28-40


They replied, “The Lord needs it.”


It is the day celebrated by the church as Palm Sunday, the start of Holy Week and of the events of Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Jesus sends two disciples ahead with instructions to bring a colt that they will find in the next village. If anyone challenged them, they are to say, “The Lord needs it.”

So they bring the colt, and Jesus mounts it to ride into Jerusalem. The whole crowd of Jesus’ disciples shout praises to Him along the road.

The Pharisees don’t like this so they tell Him to keep His disciples quiet. But Jesus replies, “If they keep quiet the stones will cry out!”


Jesus told His disciples that if anyone queried their taking of the donkey, they were simply to say, “The Lord needs it.”

It is enough for a christian, when faced with a need to say, “The Lord needs it.”

This is not to justify stealing cars in Jesus’ name, just because we are lacking transport.

If the Holy Spirit tells us to meet a need then we should do it without thinking.

This includes:

  • our possessions
  • our money
  • our time
  • our energy
  • our prayers

Whatever we have that the Lord needs we should give it up instantly.

We like to remember that God provides for us in our times of need. There are many testimonies about God’s provision. Rarely do we recall that God usually uses someone to bless us in those times.

Following Jesus means that He owns us and all that we have. Everything we own- including life itself- is a gift from the Lord anyway.

What is the Lord needing from me today?


Holy Spirit, please release generosity in my heart so that when you say, “The Lord needs it,” I respond with joy. Amen.

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