Goodbye Google Plus

I’ve just posted my last message on Google Plus. It officially closes on April 2.

Google Plus was touted as an alternative to facebook. Originally they combined it with Photos. Their great innovation at the time was “Circles” which allowed you to post to a limited group of friends. They beat facebook to that by over a year.

Google Plus was a great place to meet new people who shared similar interests, the friends you would like to meet as opposed to the ones you know in real life.

Google killed off Plus supposedly because of a big data leak, but I think they lost interest a few years ago when it became clear that it wouldn’t beat facebook. Ironically, with facebook aiming to change into a more message-centred focus, G+’s best days might have been ahead.

I am slowly starting to dip my toes into MeWe, another social network that is starting to gain traction. You can join up with me there. And I will still be blogging here and on facebook.

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