Voting In A Post-God Culture

It is clear that our society has largely turned its back on Christ and Christian values over the last 50 years.

Every night when I watch the TV news I think on at least one, often more occasion, “What are they thinking?”

The latest Christian Values check list produced for the imminent NSW Election is a shocker. Where do our politicians stand on critical issues like abortion and euthanasia? Take a look.

Only a few years ago that chart which is now dominated by red squares was split evenly between green and red. The shocker is the Nationals who have, at best, become very equivocal about their positions, possibly to try and maintain their seats on the North Coast from the Greens.

There are only two parties that come close to supporting a Christian worldview, and they are fringe parties- the Christian Democrats and the Australian Conservatives. I note that the Shooters, Farmers and Fishers are not included, so their position is not known.

This is an horrendous state of affairs. This election is critical for NSW, as will be the following Federal election.

If Labor win in NSW they will move to amend the Education Act so that SRE or Scripture in Schools will no longer be allowed. If the Liberals win, no doubt the current policy of strangulation by red tape will continue.

Labor have very quietly indicated that they will legalise abortion. At the moment it is a crime to seek or provide an abortion in NSW, but court decisions over the years have allowed for doctors to perform abortions where they consider the mother’s health to be at risk and normally not much beyond about 22 weeks.

The reason that they have been very quiet about this is that certain Muslim and other ethnic groups who vote for the ALP are very conservative in sexual matters, and would revolt against such a policy.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian stated the other day that she is “pro-choice” so if a bill came up to a vote she would vote in favour.

Even worse, Federal Labor have stated that they will make funding for hospitals contingent on them providing free abortions.

I have said in church that politicians will not save us. The other side of the coin is that in a democracy, christians have a responsibility to pray and then vote according to their conscience and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Barwon, where I live, is a very safe Nationals seat. I would recommend voting for a minor party, such as Liberal Democrats or Shooters, Fishers, Farmers with a second preference for the Nationals.

In the Legislative Council vote for Christian Democrats or Australian Conservatives first with your choices further down the list. The Christian Democrats have 2 members at the moment (Fred Nile and Paul Green). They have been instrumental in holding back a flood of harmful legislation over the years.

Note that if you vote above the line you can only vote for 1 group or party, but voting below the line gives you the options of voting how you think they should be selected.

This is a tough time for christian voters. We need to use discernment and vote for christian values.

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