Reflection on Isaiah 43:1-7


“Don’t be afraid for I have ransomed you. I have called you by name; you are mine.”


God calls Israel (and us, His followers) to not be afraid. The Lord is God, and He has called me by name. He knows me; He knows my circumstances; He knows my fears.

The Lord says to me, “Do not be afraid! I am with you.”

God has ransomed me. He is my Redeemer. We celebrate the coming of Christ into the world at Christmas, and it is easy to miss the point that the baby will grow and mature and give His life as a ransom for many. A ransom for me!

If God loves me like this, can anything overcome Him? Can anything hurt me so that I should be afraid?

No! God’s love is never ending. He has ransomed my soul. I was in captivity to sin, but He has set me free.

He has called me by name. I am not a number in a computer, but a person with a name. God knows my name. He called out to me as Jesus called out to Lazarus, “Lazarus come out!”

My captivity is over. My bondage is broken. I am dancing on my chains!

I am Christ’s, He declares that He owns me. I am no longer living without purpose or direction. Now I follow Jesus, and He directs my path.

I am His, but not as a possession or a plaything. I am a part of the Bride. He tells me, “You are mine” because He loves me. I am safe at His side.


Thank you so much Lord for redeeming me, ransoming me, setting me free from bondage to sin and death. Amen.

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