Reflection on 2 Corinthians 5:6-17



We live by believing not by seeing.


Paul would rather be at home with the Lord, but whether here or in heaven, his desire is to please Christ. We will all be judged and receive what we deserve for all our deeds, both good and evil.

Paul’s ministry might not seem as spectacular as some, but he has a sincere heart. Christ’s love controls him.

Instead of viewing people from a human perspective, he now sees everyone who belongs to Christ as a new person. The old has gone, a new life has begun.


We walk by faith and not by sight.

Every part of our thinking needs to be transformed by the grace of God so that we see all things from God’s perspective and not from human wisdom. We listen to the Holy Spirit rather than relying on our senses and judgement.

When choosing a king to follow Saul, the prophet Samuel heard the Lord say “People judge by the outward appearance but I look at the heart.” We need to overcome our natural tendency to judge people by the way they look. Everyone who is born again is precious to God regardless of their appearance.

When we look at world and national events and even our personal situations, we need to discern the underlying spiritual forces. We are not contending against flesh and blood but the spiritual powers. We must see beyond surface appearances and use the eyes of faith.

Finally, when we are tempted to disappointment because we are not getting to the place that the Lord has called us to, we need to look through the eyes of faith. What seems to us to be an obstacle or failure may in fact be a part of the journey to where we are going, equipping us for ministry by making us stronger in faith.


Lord please help me to live by faith rather than sight, to see your perspective, not just a human perspective. Amen.


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