Reflection on Deuteronomy 34:1-12




There has never been a prophet in Israel like Moses. The Lord spoke face to face with him and sent him to perform powerful miracles in the presence of the king of Egypt and his entire nation.


Moses goes up to Mount Nebo from where the Lord shows him the land and territories which would soon belong to Israel.

Moses dies there and the Lord buries him. He was a great prophet who performed powerful miracles, far greater than anything any other person did.


Moses was a man who knew true intimacy with God and consequently was able to do truly amazing things. Later on Jesus would say that John the Baptist was even greater, but the least in the kingdom of God was even greater still (Matthew 11:1).

The level of intimacy with God and therefore the level of power in the Holy Spirit is potentially greater for the christian than was possible even for Moses.

Moses parted the Red Sea, bur Jesus promises that if we have even a mustard seed of faith, we will tell a mountain to move and it will do so.

Every born-again christian has the Holy Spirit within them. Wherever I go the Holy Spirit goes with me. Therefore, as I listen to the Holy Spirit and act in faithful obedience, great things will happen.

The Lord spoke face to face with Moses. This is a relationship hat developed over many years. To see the great deeds of God we need to nurture our relationship with Him, seeking His face every day.


Blessed Father there is nothing that you cannot do through me as I walk in humble obedience to you. Please help me to know you more and more and to trust you more every day. Amen.

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