Reflection on Matthew 14:22-33




When the disciples saw him walking on the water, they were terrified. In their fear, they cried out, “It’s a ghost!”


After they have fed the 5000, Jesus sends the people home. He then tells the disciples to cross the lake in the boat while He goes into the hills to pray.

During the night a storm arises, and the disciples are struggling against the big waves. Jesus comes towards them walking on the water. The disciples, terrified, think it’s a ghost. Jesus speaks to them and tells them not to be afraid.

Peter tells Jesus to command him to walk on the water. He gets out of the boat, but fear causes him to sink. Jesus grabs him, and they climb into the boat. Then the wind stops, and the disciples worship Jesus.


Faith enables awesome miracles. But fear kills faith and so blocks the miracles.

When I focus on the physical world or the circumstances around me, I can easily be gripped with fear, or its little brother, anxiety.

Terror, fear, anxiety, worry- whatever name we give it- looks at the potential for suffering. Faith looks at the potential for God’s grace to be manifested.

We might believe the miracles of Scripture are real, but still fail to believe that God is right here with me now. Many people believe that God heals, but they lack the faith to claim their own healing.

Often it is fear that God will not come through for them that stops them from asking. Sometimes it is fear of rebuke that stops us from offering to pray with a friend.

Imagine if Moses had let fear stop him at the Red Sea or if David had been afraid of Goliath. All the people Jesus healed had to ask and believe- what if they had let fear stop them?

When the storms rage I need to keep my eyes on Jesus.


Lord please help me to always trust you no matter what is happening in my life. Amen.


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