Networking For Cell Leaders

Here is a post I have written for Joel Comiskey’s blog.


Cell Networking

I pastor a non-denominational church in a small town that is a long way from a large city. Of the nine congregations in my town, ours is the only one consciously using the cell church model. It has been many years since I was able to attend a cell church conference.

There are many reasons why it would be easy to just remain isolated and try to do my own thing. But to stop getting into the wrong habits I need to keep checking that I am on the right track by interacting with other people.

Modern technology makes it easier to connect even when we are separated geographically. It’s not quite the same as meeting face to face, but it does help me when I read what other people around the world are doing in their cell ministries.

I love this blog at and I regularly read the posts by Joel Comiskey and his team. The web-site at is a treasure trove of resources for group leaders.

On facebook I administer a cell churches group ( which was started to help cell church leaders share with one another and encourage one another. With over 300 members from around the world it has a wealth of knowledge and experience. While it has been a little slow lately, this group does have great discussions from time to time.

I love reading books by people like Joel Comiskey, Ralph Neighbour, Scott Boren and others. They help to remind me of the goal of our groups (to make disciples who love God, love people and make disciples) They also throw up ideas that I have not thought of before.

Sometimes just meeting with our own cell leaders or visiting different cell groups gives me insight into the various ways that other leaders run with the overall vision of cell ministry. A few weeks ago we dedicated our cell leaders meeting to prayer. I was blown away by the enthusiasm and bold praying of this group of ten people and encouraged in my own prayer life.

Of these different sources of encouragement and connection, what works best for you?


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