Reflection on Genesis 25:19-34




Thus Esau despised his birthright.


Isaac, Abraham’s son, marries Rebekah. He prays to the Lord for a child as she is barren. She then becomes pregnant with twins.

The children struggle within her womb, so Rebekah prays and the Lord tells her that she has two nations inside her, and the elder will serve the younger.

When the twins are born, the first-born is covered in red hair so she names him Esau. The younger is clutching Esau’s foot so they name him Jacob.

Many years later, Esau returns from hunting one day to find Jacob cooking up a red stew. He demands some from his brother, but Jacob requires Esau to give his birthright to him, which he does.


Esau despised his birthright. He was so driven by his flesh that he was willing to trade off his inheritance and position in the family for a bowl of stew.

It can be dangerously easy for christians to trade off their spiritual inheritance for some potentially short-lived fleshly desire. It might be sexual sin, an addiction or greed that leads us into a place where we are willing to give up our relationship with God, eternal life even, for some worldly gain.

The problem is that we see with our physical eyes rather than the eyes of faith, physical vision not spiritual vision.

Unlike Esau, the birthright can be regained if only we will confess our sins and walk in fellowship with the Lord.

The Lord has a birthright for every one of His children. We must not despise it.


Heavenly Father, please protect me from every temptation to despise my birthright, the inheritance that I have in you. Let my eyes not be tempted by anything that leads me away from you. Amen.


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