Reflection on Matthew 10:40-42




Whoever gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones in the name of a disciple- truly I tell you none of these will lose their reward.”


Jesus says that whoever welcomes us welcomes Him and the Father. Likewise anyone who welcomes a prophet or righteous person in His name will receive the reward of that person. Just serving an “insignificant” christian will bring eternal reward.


God delights in blessing His faithful servants far beyond our ability to fathom. Jesus is saying here that if you welcome a prophet in His name, or a righteous person, you get the same reward they get in heaven.

So if I welcome Prophet Bigboots into my home and share with him, I get his reward in heaven. If he is going to get a mansion, I get one too just by being his friend.

Even if I just share a cup of coffee with Brother Unknown or Sister Hasnothing, I get an eternal reward for that act of kindness, which nothing can take away.

We really don’t know who is important in God’s kingdom. Abraham unwittingly served lunch to the Trinity. So this person of poor means in front of me today could be the leader of a revival tomorrow- or maybe not.

When Jesus is saying there is a reward for people who show hospitality or love to other christians He is really saying this: when you share your life with other people, regardless of their status, you are showing that your heart is with me.

This little passage puts meat onto the commandment of Jesus, “A new commandment I give you that you love one another as I have loved you.” It shows us what christian community is about.


Lord Jesus, help me to take on board what it means to give a drink to the “little ones.” Show me how to share my abundance with your people. Amen.


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