Reflection on Psalm 13




How long O Lord?

Will you forget me forever?

How long

will you hide your face from me?


Sometimes as we walk through life, God seems so distant. When we are going through trials and troubles, through grief and despair, all we can see is the unending black tunnel.

How long O Lord? Will you forget me forever?”

Even when we know God is there, and that we are safe in His hands, sometimes we find it hard to sense His presence.

There are people who find that God speaks loudest in their times of pain. Others say that He seems to have fled from them at their time of greatest need. A person may move between these two extremes from day to day.

Later in the psalm we read the words:

I trusted in your steadfast love,

my heart shall rejoice in your salvation.”

This is the response of faith. In the present darkness, we remind ourselves of our decision to trust in Christ, and then look forward to rejoicing again in Him.


Thank you Lord for the knowledge that even when my life seems out of control, you are here with me. Help me to face trials with confidence in you. Amen.

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