Reflection on Genesis 18:1-15




Is anything too wonderful for the Lord?”


The Lord appears to Abraham in the form of three men. Abraham asks the men to stay for a while, and he prepares food for them. He has Sarah prepare some bread, and a servant kill a calf.

While the men are eating, one of them says that Sarah will soon have a son. Sarah is listening from inside a tent and she laughs at this statement because she is so old.

The Lord says to Abraham, “Why did Sarah laugh and say ‘Shall I bear a child in my old age?”” He then repeats the promise that Sarah will have a son.


The Lord asks Abraham the rhetorical question, “Is anything too wonderful for the Lord?”

Human wisdom says that God is irrelevant to our lives. Faith says nothing is too hard for God.

Do I put my trust in God or in myself and my own resources?

Humanly speaking, it was impossible for Sarah to have a child. But now God brings a promise of something that seems impossible or too good to be true.

Surely I cannot have a child.

Surely I am too wicked to be forgiven.

Surely I cannot be healed

Surely I have missed my opportunity.

Faith says with God all things are possible.

Faith says God loves me and wants the best for my life.

Faith says that God is able to save, able to heal, able to give back what others have stolen.

Life can knock us around through hurt, disappointment, dashed dreams. But God can redeem these things, turning them around for our good.

Sarah didn’t have faith to receive the promise- not even a mustard seed of faith- but He acted anyway. How much more could she have received if she believed the promise?

Do not think “it could never happen for me.” Instead, remember nothing is too wonderful for the Lord.


Today Lord I choose to believe your promise for me. Nothing is too wonderful for you. Hallelujah!


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