Reflection on Genesis 1:1-2:3




In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.


In the beginning God created. Over six days, God set about forming a bleak and dull universe into something beautiful and capable of sustaining life.

There is a method, a process, of firstly forming the heavens, the water and sky, and the earth, and then filling them.

At the end of the sixth day, God proclaims it is very good, and then sets aside the seventh day as the Sabbath rest.


In the beginning God…

God is at the beginning of creation. Nothing is made without Him. Nothing lasts without Him.

Our lives should be the same- every plan, every thought , every deed should find its beginning in God. It is when we move away from the source of all things that we move towards sin and death.

In the beginning God created…

It is in God’s nature to create, to bring into being things that were not. We are created in God’s image, and therefore we are creators. Every human being has the capacity to create things- art, poetry, movies, buildings, inventions, more people.

When we believe that we are not creative, then we are in bondage to sin- satan has lied to us about our destiny and our purpose.

In my lifetime, I have seen an explosion in wealth around the globe due to creativity. Some of this is in harnessing God’s creation (agriculture and mining), some of it from turning God’s creation into human creation (industry), but much of it is in services where human ingenuity is harnessed, for example in the software that runs our apps and internet services. Financial services multiply wealth when money- intrinsically valueless in itself- generates more money as it is transformed into different states.

Creativity is a blessing from the Lord the creator. It is an exceptional sign of the image of God in human beings.

Of course, due to sin we can corrupt this to destructive and sinful ends. God calls us to build up not pull down and to create not destroy.


Lord God, how amazing it is to think that before all things came into being, you were there. How awesome to contemplate that this world, for all its problems, is a product of your design and not a chance arrangement of atoms. Amen.


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