Apostolic Summit

It’s been a fantastic few days at the Apostolic Summit here at Rockhampton, the 20th Summit.

The speakers were John Alley and Bob Hausleman. Bob Hauselman is the Senior Minister of Restoration Christian Church in Sellersburg, Indiana, and also the Apostle in charge of ARM Network. Both of these men are influential in their respective ministries, carrying a lot of spiritual authority but with great humility.

The theme of the Summit was “Exploring Apostolic Authority.” This is not just about the authority which apostles carry within their own gifting, but the authority given to the church when apostolic order is in place. Many stories were told by the two main speakers and cameo speakers such as Lloyd Gill and Ross Blamey who has the “Kick up the backside anointing.”

We caught up with our favourite ex-Narrabri teenager, Choni Smith. Choni led us to the Rockhampton Zoo.



This year we are staying at Rockhampton Serviced Apartments, in a renovated Church of Christ building now called “The Chapel”.  It’s a four- bedroom apartment on Denham St, a very pleasant place.


Tomorrow we head over to Rosslyn Bay for the Sons’ Retreat. This is a low key retreat for pastors and other ministers. It’s a great time of fellowship and encouragement.

You can find more photos from the Summit, and from the Retreat as I add them at this link https://goo.gl/photos/1Ajmm52dG9G6qDo17


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