Reflection on Acts 17:22-34




“In the past, God overlooked such ignorance, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent.”


Paul is in Athens where he has a dispute with some of the city’s philosophers. They take him to the Areopagus to present and argue for the Gospel.

Paul notes that the city is very religious, even having an altar dedicated to an unknown god. Paul says that this is the true God who created all things and all people. He did this so that people would turn to Him and find Him.

In the past, God overlooked the ignorance of paganism. But now He calls all people to repent, for He has set a day of judgement by Christ whom He raised from the dead.

Some sneer at this talk of resurrection, but others believe Paul and his message.


Since Christ came into the world, the gospel has left us with a stark choice- we can accept it or reject it.

The commandment given to all people now is “repent.” The Kingdom of God has arrived, and we must turn from our sins and follow Jesus.

There once was no kingdom, but now the King has come and established His Kingdom. Once we could live as we pleased, whether it was to worship idols or to worship our bodies.

Now King Jesus tells us to worship only Him. There is a grace period but a day of judgement will come.

Jesus is justified in judging those who reject Him. He died to pay for our sin. Now we must honour Him with our lives or pay the price for rejecting His grace.

This is not religion by obeying rules. This is freedom to live the lives we were created for. I once was lost in sin, but now I am found in Him.

Repenting does not just mean turning from sinful actions. It is letting go of all our false loves to embrace the true lover of our souls.


Thank you, Lord Jesus, for delivering me from sin. Help me to honour you in every part of my life. Amen


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