Reflection on John 20:19-31




Thomas answered him, “My Lord and my God!”


The evening of Easter Sunday, the disciples are meeting behind locked doors, Jesus appears in their midst, showing them His hands and side to confirm it is Him. Jesus then breathes on them to impart the Holy Spirit.

Thomas isn’t there at the time and so He refuses to believe that Jesus is alive. A week later Jesus again appears to the disciples. He invites Thomas to touch His wounds, but Thomas answers, “My Lord and my God!”


Thomas is often described as the “Doubter”, but who can blame him for being sceptical about an event that seemed too good to be true?

What is often overlooked is his passionate heart-felt response to the appearance of Jesus. “My Lord and my God!”

The other disciples rejoiced to see the risen Lord, but Thomas proclaims that He is Lord and God.

Rejoicing at the presence of the Lord is an appropriate response. I love a powerful worship time. I revel in hose personal times when Jesus seems so tangibly present.

But we don’t live only on experience.

There were lots of people partying in the presence of the Lord on Palm Sunday, but very few stood with Him on Good Friday. Many people are happy to celebrate Christ but it takes the confession and conviction, “My Lord and my God!”, to make a true disciple.

To say Jesus is God means that we recognise that He is more than a man. He is God with us,

To say Jesus is Lord is to give Him the right to direct every part of our lives. We are here to serve Him, not the other way around. Every part of my thinking, speaking and doing must be surrendered to God.


Lord Jesus Christ, I declare that you are God and Lord . I surrender all that I am into your hands, and I rejoice that you are always with me. Amen.


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