A Week Away

Last week we managed to have a short break.


On Friday afternoon we drove to Newcastle where we stayed overnight before attending Margaret’s cousin Lorraine’s 60th Birthday Party.  The location was The Lakeside Cafe at Murrays Beach on Lake Macquarie.


Lorraine, me, Margaret in the back row with Margaret’s brother Graeme and partner Suzanne and Margaret’s sister Cathy.


Forster is an absolutely beautiful place. Tourism is its biggest industry and oyster farming in Wallis Lake is a close second.


We stayed at the Sails Apartments located a block back from the beach. Fantastic location.


Tim and Philip cooked sausages on the balcony.





We went on a 2.5 hour dolphin cruise and saw dozens of dolphins. I took many photos of water where the dolphin was a second earlier.



We paid $50 a head for the cruise which was value for money, but there were some stowaways


A game of Jurassic putt-putt was a lot of fun.


There was a “pirate ship” in the lake




and lots of sting rays


The mirrors in the lift  were a little confusing


You know its a good holiday when you are exhausted.



I always love the bright turquoise colour of the Lake on a sunny day. The water is generally very shallow, just a metre or two, and so the colour of the sand shines through the water creating a unique colour.


So that’s a brief run down on our break.

You can see more photos on my Google page


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