Reflection on Isaiah 9:1-4




The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light-

those who lived in a land of deep darkness on them the light has shone.


The king is coming who will remove the gloom and anguish from the nation; specifically from those in Galilee and the other side of the Jordan.

People who walked in deep darkness have seen a great light. God is going to multiply the nation and make it great again. Joy will flow like the joy of the harvest or the excitement of a victorious army dividing the plunder.


The darkness over the land is deep. We have turned our backs on God, and the darkness is descending and becoming deeper.

We have people promoting every sexual deviancy as special and worthy of honour. Those who disagree are vilified. Marriages break down as people prefer pleasure and convenience to the hard work of valuing and loving another person. Celebrities are accused of abusing their positions, and politicians from every party seem determined to gain advantage for themselves.

The darkness is here. Even parts of the church prefer the world to the word, the darkness to the light.

As deep as the darkness is, the light is greater. As evil as people are, Jesus is able to overcome.

As a distant headlight seems dim but grows into a blinding intensity as it draws near, so the light of Jesus is drawing closer.

When christians pray and speak out the gospel, the light will overcome the darkness, and people will be set free.

Australia will be set free one person at a time. Revival will come, and the light will bring salvation, joy and transformation.


Lord Jesus, as I look at our nation I see so much darkness. You are the light that overcomes the darkness. Shine through me, Lord, and let the people around me see your grace and your unfailing love. Amen.


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