Reflection on Isaiah 49:1-7




I will give you as a light to the nations,

that my salvation may reach to the ends of the earth.”


The Servant of the Lord was called before he was born. He was commissioned by the Lord. The servant now feels He has laboured in vain because Israel has rejected his message.

But the Lord who called the Servant now says that the task of restoring the tribes of Jacob is too small a task. He will now be a light to the nations (i.e. the Gentiles) so that the Lord’s salvation will be seen to the ends of the earth.


Jesus never set foot outside of Israel, yet His name brings salvation to the whole world. There are christians in every country of the world witnessing to the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus told His disciples to go to the world making disciples in all the nations. He said we are the “light of the world.”

As followers of Jesus we take from His light and shine it in the dark places as we go. This means we have to be involved with people’s lives, dark and messy as they can be.

The light is spiritual- the possibility of forgiveness and relationship with God. “The people who lived in darkness have seen a great light”- hope for a different life free of sin, guilt and shame.

The light of God repels some while attracting others. Those who are open to the light of the Lord will be attracted to anyone who carries the light. But those who prefer the darkness will flee from the light.


Lord Jesus, thank you that you are the light for the world. Help me to take your light into the dark places today. Amen.


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