Reflection on Acts 10:34-43




All the prophets testify about him that everyone who believes in him receives forgiveness of sins through his name.”


After a series of events, Peter finds himself in the house of a Gentile named Cornelius.

Peter testifies to the household of Cornelius that he now understands that God does not have favourites based on race, but He loves everyone who seeks Him and does what is right.

The message about Jesus started in Galilee but is spreading everywhere. God anointed Jesus with the power of the Holy Spirit and Jesus healed all who were oppressed by the devil. Jesus was crucified, but God raised Him. Now those who witnessed these things are testifying about salvation through Christ.


The message of the gospel is very simple- everyone who believes in Christ receives forgiveness through Him.

We all sin- everyone falls short of God’s perfect standard of holiness. Even on our best days we can all be proud, angry or fail to love others in some way.

All have sinned.

All may be forgiven.

You don’t have to keep the Jewish Law or be born Jewish. Forgiveness is available to everyone in Christ,

It is the death of Jesus that paid the price for our sin. Trust in Him and you will be forgiven.

No sin is too big, no life too depraved. When we turn to Jesus and trust in His salvation then forgiveness comes.

This is not a magic formula or a religious incantation. It is about honesty before God. As we learn to walk in this freedom, we also learn to place all of our cares and fears in His hands- a relationship of trust and love grows.


Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for your offer of forgiveness. Help me to confess my sins to you and to trust you for forgiveness of sins in your name. Amen.


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