Reflection on Isaiah 63:7-9




It was no messenger or angel but His presence that saved them.


Isaiah remembers the praiseworthy acts of the Lord for His people Israel. He loved them and showed them His great favour.

The Lord said, “These are my people, my children.” He became their saviour. It wasn’t an angel who saved God’s people; it was the Lord Himself.


No messenger or angel can save us. Only God’s presence can do that. We need no other Saviour, no other Redeemer than the Lord.

At Christmas, we have just celebrated the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ into the world. Emmanuel, God is with us.

This is the greatest miracle the Lord could ever give us. God, our Lord, the Creator of all things entered into His own creation- weak, frail and ready to show the world what a saviour really looks like.

Some christians – and even some non-christians- become fascinated by angels. Angels are awesome creatures, but they are not God.

God did not send an angel into the world to save us because an angel could not do this. No angel could pay the price for our sin on our behalf. Only God can do that.

He didn’t send a preacher or prophet to save us. They are merely human and an only point us to the Saviour.

God has saved us. God has redeemed us. God has killed death and sin.

Now He makes His dwelling place in the hearts of men and women. Emmanuel- God is with us.

God is with me! God’s saving presence is with me!

This is the most amazing Good News.


Lord, it is true that no angel or messenger could save me from my sin. It was only your presence in the form of Jesus that saved me.

Thank you for saving me. Thank you for making me a new creation through Jesus your Son. Amen.


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