Reflection on Romans 13:11-14




Clothe yourself with the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. And don’t let yourself think about ways to indulge your evil desires.


Time is running out. The day of salvation is closer than when we first believed. We belong to the light and should put away all the deeds of the darkness.

We must live decent lives and have nothing to do with wild parties, immorality, or quarrelling and jealousy. Instead we must put on the presence of Christ and train our brains not to think about indulging sin.


Every morning I put on my clothes, and everywhere I go they go also. I don’t think about it, they just follow me.

I need to put on the presence of Christ in the same way. Every morning I seek His presence, surround myself with Him, letting Him cover me with His goodness. Then everywhere I go, He is there too, directing, encouraging and leading me in His ways.

Of course, it’s not that straight forward. Our minds want to indulge the flesh. Satan stirs up desires in our hearts, and we look for ways to serve ourselves not Christ.

Paul tells us we have to train our brains to indulge holiness not sinfulness. If I want to remain clothed with Christ, I must learn to think like Him, to decide to follow His way, not my way.

We find ways to excuse our sin. But Paul tells us we need to not only say “No” to sin but to also say “No” to the desire itself.

When the thoughts come up, I must say immediately “This is not Christ. This is not worthy of a Son of the King.”

And praise God- this is not just my responsibility alone. It is the grace of the Holy Spirit dwelling in me and making me holy. He will give me strength to change my thinking and reorient my desires towards Him.


Lord Jesus Christ, I clothe myself in you now. Come and cover me, surround me. Let my heart and mind be clothed in you so that I think and will your thoughts and your will. Help me to banish all desire for evil and only desire you. Amen.


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