Reflection on Isaiah 2:1-5




Many people will come and say:

Come let us go up to the mountain of the Lord

to the house of the God of Jacob.

He will teach us his ways

so that we may walk in his paths.”


In the last days the mountain of the Lord’s Temple will be established. People from around the world will flock to Zion to learn from the Lord

Individuals will learn from the Lord how to walk in His ways, and disputes between nations will be settled by the Lord and not by war.


We are living in the end times, and we already see many of these prophecies being fulfilled.

The mountain of the Temple, Jerusalem and Zion refer to the people of God- the church. All over the world people are flocking to the house of the Lord to seek His ways. Excluding some Western countries, this is literally the golden age of the church. Never before has the gospel been preached and accepted by so many people.

Despite the constant bad news coming out of Syria and a few other countries, there have never been so few wars. Some people attribute this to the McDonalds effect, but it is more likely the Holy Spirit laying an era of peace and prosperity in the world as the Kingdom of God grows.

This is the age of the Holy Spirit as more and more people listen to the “still small voice” and to prophecies and words of knowledge in order to learn of the ways of the Lord.

All of this is not without cost- the “birthpangs of the Kingdom.” Satan is enraged that his plan for undermining the Kingdom of God is coming to nothing.

The seeds planted many years ago are bearing fruit in many different ways. The fields are white to harvest, but satan looks for ways to stop the harvest coming in- from apathy to persecution.

But our God will prevail. The Kingdom of God will continue to grow,


Lord Jesus, you told us to pray that workers will go out into the harvest field. So Lord as the harvest field is right before us, as you draw people to “Zion” and “Jerusalem,” may the gospel be preached in power and even more lives saved. Amen.


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